Technology for Collaboration During Pandemic

How Communities Can Use Technology For Collaboration During Pandemic Outbreak Such As COVID-19

This Article is written by the CollabDeen team. CollabDeen is a smart technology platform that can mimic complex human collaboration.

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has taken the world by storm. Every day, reports of victims are being highlighted, China alone has suffered 78,064 victims. With such pandemic appearing out of the blue, the question that we are supposed to ask ourselves is, are we prepared? Are our community prepared if another pandemic of a similar scale or even worse than COVID-19 took place in the future?

The last pandemic which took the world by surprise was SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in 2003. One country which manages to lean, pivot and bend well to the challenging situation was Singapore.

In the spur of the moment, Singapore reacted positively and came out with the framework for the whole nation to follow. The initiatives implemented were successful that the recent COVID-19 outbreak was met with control stringent measures but not panic.

Almost all sectors were looking into making sure that the everyday lives of Singaporeans still continue amidst the catastrophe. The binding formula for all the sectors is Technology.

Schools, institutions, banks,  hospitals, clinics and many more, each made use of their Collaborative Platform for their employees and team members to communicate and collaborate as many were advised to work from home.

There is however one sector that has yet to be equipped with any Collaborative Platform, it’s the Faith sector.  

With the recent elevation of the DROSCON level from Yellow to Orange, Singaporean Muslims were advised to not participate in Friday prayers or attend any religious communal events if they are feeling unwell. Jemaah was even advised to practice extra hygiene practice by bringing their own prayer mat during the Friday congregation. 

Let us now imagine just how will our Faith-Based Communities differently operate during an outbreak of a pandemic using a Collaborative Platform. 

Bringing Your Community Closer

Using community collaboration software, such as CollabDeen, can enhance the digital environment for your community members, community employees or both. CollabDeen main Community-driven feature, Circles bring together Jemaah and the community’s team in problem-solving situations. Despite not having to attend any congregation physically, Jemaah can still engage, discuss and communicate with the community and stay informed.

Comments can speed up communication in your community and having an easily accessible Circle Hub can help Jemaah even quickly gain information and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to access. This will certainly improve the relationship between the community and the Jemaah.

You can download the CollabDeen app at Deen.App

Collaboration Platform help to reduce the distance between people because we discovered that all communities run on communication.

Updates From Across Your Organization

All communities run on information. Information is vital in any community and organization. With a collaborative platform, Jemaah and community members are able to receive the latest information from the community through Push Notification feature.  

They will also receive all information through Newsfeed with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence to show them all the updates from the people and projects you care about in a scrolling stream of posts. So they can stay connected with the other community members, groups and the heart of your community.

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News Feed will also make sure that the community posts get seen by the right people at the right time. And with React, Comments and Shares, they can get instant feedback on the pulse of the community.

Having received the regular updates, the Jemaah will not feel as though they have to chase the community for the constant updates or information.

Working Together Is Easier

Teamwork is central to any community or organization’s success. At its best, collaboration leads to diverse perspectives and new ideas, but it also risks slowing things down.

What if your teams are working in different offices or languages?
What if the information you need is siloed, hidden or hard to access?
What if it’s the tools, not the personalities, that are incompatible?
During important times such as a pandemic breakout, teamwork is integral.

CollabDeen takes away those obstacles so teams can focus on the task at hand and make better decisions faster by centralizing discussions and allowing communicating with external partners and internal team smooth.

Donation and Fundraising

With CollabDeen, the platform will help communities to create ownership around their community’s mission. This is achieved by equipping their entire community members to participate and give in just within seconds.

As POS technology and self-serve options continue to grow within the country, communities and organizations are embracing these innovations more and more. Not only it is more convenient, but self-serve donating solutions are a much more secure, private, and flexible way to give to the communities. The utilization of CollabDeen kiosks has many advantages. Among the most advantages is Easiness. CollabDeen Digital Kiosk comes works hand in hand with CollabDeen App which has the donation and fundraising feature.

Having a community app means, community members are able to give securely from anywhere, at any time.

With the digital donation, the community will not lose out on donation collection and at the same time, digital donations also mean that there will not be any physical contact with physical items such as money that curtail the virus infection from transmitting.

The benefit is even bigger if the community create their own fundraising campaign during vital event such as the COVID-19 outbreak to help the victims or just to equip the community centers with the correct medical equipment such as providing face masks, hand sanitizers, increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in high-contact areas, and providing thermal body scan to all visitors and members to counter the virus. This is because the audience that the community will be receiving is the global audience. This is just one of the major benefits of having created a digital community on a global platform.

United Communities, Strong Nations

As time pass and the global medical team is developing the solution for COVID-19, we as communities within a nation should stand together. COVID-19 is a national test for all of us. What we need most is the will to carry on, to build strength and confidence in one another as communities.

We must remind each other of the bravery of our communities showed when each time our nation is hit by a catastrophic challenge. Above all, we must not let the situation discourage us, Life must go on. Government all around the world are doing their part. Thus, we must do ours, at all tiers of society. It is only when we display these instincts that we will we be able to conquer our fears and win this national test against the coronavirus. Together, a united community will create a strong nation. Wishing all, Salam & Peace!

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