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5 Ramadan Apps to Help You Observe Ramadan Better

The month of Ramadan is a very special month for Muslims. Other than just about fasting in the daytime, Ramadan is the month for us to perform the most ibadah (acts of worship), reading the Quran, doing good deeds and seeking forgiveness with Allah s.w.t. WIth these in mind, we’re listing out the best Ramadan apps to help you observe Ramadan better and help you perform your best deeds in Ramadan.

Best Ramadan App with Full Features:

1 – Athan: Ramadan 2022 and AlQuran

This app by Islamic Finder has the all-rounder features for you to have the best Ramadan experience. They even have the tagline, “Become a better Muslim with Athan”. Features include:

  • Ramadan times for Suhoor & Iftar
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 – 1443 with accurate suhoor and iftar times
  • Ramadan Dua
  • Ramadan book (to log your daily fasting)
  • Athan (azan) alerts
  • Mosque finder along with their contact information and directions
  • Qibla direction for thousands of cities worldwide
  • Track your prayers by logging them in your own prayer book
  • Quran with translations in 45+ languages
  • Send Ramadan greetings to family and friends
  • Hijri-Gregorian date converter
  • Available on both Android and iOS
  • Privacy settings: Location detection but not linked to identity
  • App size: 32 MB – 228 MB

2 – Muslim: Ramadan Calendar, Azan

We’ve chosen this Muslim Assistant app to be second best because it lacked the full features of the best Ramadan app above. However, since its full features are available, even when offline, this has to be the next best app. Features include:

  • Ramadan calendar 2022 with Iftar and suhoor times. During Ramadan, this information is available on the main screen of the app
  • No internet is needed to see Ramadan Calendar, Qibla Finder, and Prayer Times. Azan alarm or without sound for prayer times
  • Nearest Mosque
  • Read the Quran or listen to the recitation from many different qaris
  • Kaaba live broadcast
  • 99 Names of Allah and du’as
  • Available on both Android and iOS
  • Price: Free with inApp purchases
  • Privacy settings – location detection required.
  • App size: 83MB – 143 MB

Best Ramadan App For Motivation:

These apps serve as a motivation to keep going in Ramadan, do good deeds, make extra prayers, and read the Quran even more.

3 – My Ramadan App

This app aims to motivate young Muslims to fast and perform other ibadah like praying Tarawih and Reciting the Al-Quran, with vibrant artwork and colorful stickers. The app is developed by MUIS, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. Features include:

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  • Fasting chart with 3 different stickers to track your child’s performance.
  • Tarawih Chart with “I prayed” and “I didn’t pray” stickers
  • Juz Amma surahs with “I read” and “I memorized” stickers
  • A section on why Sunnah food are important
  • A section on YouTube Islamic cartoon explaining Ramadan
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Privacy settings: no data collected
  • App size: 20 MB – 91MB

4 – Ramadan Challenge

This app is to motivate Muslims to do more good deeds in Ramadan. The app is designed for anyone of any age around the world to do good in Ramadan. Features include:

  • Read Quran, even when offline
  • Track your daily progress on Quran recitation
  • Track prayer log
  • Track days of fasting
  • Track dhikr
  • Compete with others who use the app around the world
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Privacy settings: Access to identity, contacts, and location
  • App size: 34 MB – 50 MB

Ramadan App To Find Halal Places

Before covid, Ramadan used to be a social occasion, especially on the breaking of the fast (iftar).

5 – Halal Places

This app helps you find halal places for restaurants, groceries, clothing and masjid near you. Features include:

  • Masajid/ Mosques near you
  • Halal food/restaurants near you
  • Halal grocery stores near you
  • Halal boutiques near you
  • Miles radius settings
  • Halal place directions
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Privacy settings: no data collected
  • App size: 67 MB

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