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Top 8 Marketplaces to Market Your Halal Products (updated)

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It’s no longer enough for companies to have their own website. Online marketplaces are great in increasing sales. Most companies do use these ecommerce marketplaces, in addition to having their own websites.

We’ve segregated halal marketplaces into B2B and B2C marketplaces. Halal Business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces tend to be more international, where cross border trades are often sold in bulk quantities. Some Halal B2C marketplaces are international, although some cater to specific categories of ecommerce only.

Halal B2B Marketplaces:

  1. Daganghalal.com
  2. Zilzar.com
  3. OneAgrix.com

We first wrote this article in 2017, and had a different list of top B2B sites for halal marketplaces. Unfortunately, some of the ones listed earlier are no longer operating. However, DagangHalal and Zilzar are still operating after more than three years since we first wrote about this topic. OneAgrix is a relative newcomer compared to the other two marketplaces.

We’ve chosen these three as we’ve run some analysis on their website visitors traffic, and found that to be satisfactory. As a seller, the real benefit of selling in an online marketplace is that the amount of buyers’ traffic the marketplace brings, and if this one basic criteria is not met, then its not really helpful to sell on such a platform, given the amount of competition that are on the same marketplace.

As all three are B2B ecommerce marketplaces, essentially they do not list out their prices per product, as they offer bulk sales (wholesale) except for Oneagrix that shows all of their prices similar to a B2C marketplace.

Among the types of products available on these b2b sites for halal marketplaces are:

  • food
  • food ingredients
  • beverages
  • dairy products
  • health and beauty products
  • agriculture produce
  • pharmaceuticals
  • packaging
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Halal B2C Marketplaces

Halal B2C marketplaces are marketplaces or ecommerce sites where you’ll be more familiar with, as they sell direct to consumers.  However, we found most of these are not really international, and would serve primarily the domestic market in Malaysia.

These marketplaces are general in nature, and they sell specifically to Malaysian consumers:

  • muslimbrands.com.my
  • halalmall.online
  • myhalmart.com

For more international consumers, the following B2C sites for halal products are specialized in:

Whichever Halal marketplace or ecommerce platform you choose to list your products on, you can be assured that these platforms focus on Muslim consumers or businesses who value the importance of Halal.

For further reading, we have interviewed some of the Halal Marketplace foundres on Halalop. Read more about them here:

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