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Top 3 places to Market Your Halal Product

Halal marketplace is mushrooming every month or so, but how are they doing and which one will thrive, survive and which one will fade away. Though there is room for everybody, you need to get it right especially when it comes to looking for a market place to market your product you got to choose the right marketplace.

What we did was to ask ourselves if we have a halal product where is the best place for us to sell halal them.  So we thought we want to look for a marketplace that can appear on the first page of google search result. Then we look at their traffic below is the result:

So here is the top 5 on the first page of google:

  1. Halaltradezone.com
  2. Zilzar.com
  3. Halaldunia.com
  4. Daganghalal.com
  5. Aladdinstreet.com

When we go into the each website we discover getting rank on google and market readiness is two different things about the five websites listed above, for example, some of the website listed is not ready yet to market your product.

Top on Google

  • halaltradezonecom rank first on google but we feell the website can be more user-friendly, it is still not mobile responsive, which is unfortunate. You can’t really actually see the product how much it cost, and we fail to see how you can make a transaction on the website. Still, a lot of work has been put into the website such as knowledge base, videos and so on. Yet in our opinion, is not ready to market halal product. All you can do is send a request for bulk order quotation

Female feature

  • zilzar.com is a promising website to be in it got a friendly interface and got a good PR strategy. It tries to position itself as the Ali baba and Amazon for Muslims. It is winning the public relations game by partnering with major events like Malaysian International Halal Showcase. What we really like about Zilzar.com is you can search for Muslim owned suppliers and Women-owned businesses.

Not fully ready

  • halaldunia.com – Have a very noble objective when you look at their copy. Yet the list of products is dubious the only product that we can find is Electronics posted by Matt Sultan and Eva Jani. Many other pages are still underpopulated. It looks like a  the drop-ship stores’ platform. It gives you the feeling that somebody is trying to capitalize on the halal hype. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, they are not fully operational yet. We wish all the best for Matt and Eva.

The best of the best

  • daganghalal.com has been around since 2007 and has more than 21000 products and 5000 sellers. It listed products from both Muslim and Non-Muslim businesses that can be halal verified. It works closely with the Malaysia certification body JAKIM. A search of its revenue on Bloomberg reveals that it generated MYR 3,338,202 in June 2016. It is like the Ali baba for halal verified products. This is where we would go if we want to market halal product.

By invitation only

  • aladdinstreet.com – It is supposed to be the niche site for premium halal products which is aimed for Millennials includes halal certified and halal friendly companies. It offers, both B2B and B2C products but to get listed as a seller. The only thing is you don’t really know how to come a seller. After reading the FAQ merchants are by invitation only which is a drag but it makes sense in order to maintain only quality suppliers.

When we compare the traffic for each site on similarweb.com here is the result daganghalal.com is the winner hands down with over 103k visits from Jan to March 2017   Here is the result. 

So if you want to get a piece of the action Daganghalal.com is the place to be. Zilzar.com is up and coming, Aladdinstreet.com while gaining momentum in terms of traffic. Zilzar.com is an up an coming and looks very promising while Aladdinstreet.com the only way of getting in is by invitation. Unfortunately, we can’t find the criteria that they are looking for. How do you get invited anyway? Don’t worry we will find out InsyaAllah



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