10 Islamic Alternatives To Everyday Tech You Should Try

The digital world today is filled with good and bad. While technology gives us the ability to connect with strangers around the world, and make our lives more convenient, they also bring about values that are contradictory to Islam. Navigating through these paths while trying to live a halal lifestyle can be filled with challenges.

Hence, we have compiled alternatives to the regular technology we use into 10 technology which are Islamic in values.

Islamic Web and Mobile Browsing

1 – SalamWeb

Is a desktop web browser as well as mobile web browser, for both Android and iPhones, that was created for Muslims who want to live a halal lifestyle.

As a browser, it will safeguard the user against unIslamic websites and apps, for instance gambling or porn sites, as a warning will pop-up to say that the content is not Islamic. Users can however still go ahead to visit the website if they so wish. Both the desktop version and mobile app are equipped with the next prayer time, as well as the nearest mosque. They also have their own curated content which have been vetted by SalamWeb team.

Oh, did you also know that when you use the Salamweb browser regularly, they will donate to charity on your behalf?

Islamic Social Media

2 – Labayk

Labayk is a new social media platform that is based on Islamic values of modesty, integrity and respect. They claim that they will ensure fake news do not appear on their social media platform nor sell the users’ personal data. Labayk is still new as it was only launched last year, so it is still gaining users for the platform. The platform is open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, although the platform will be managed based on Islamic principles.

Islamic Finance

While Islamic finance has been around decades before the tech boom, Islamic finance combined with technology is still in its infancy. We’ve identified the more popular Islamic fintech brands used by most Muslims here.

Islamic Crowdfunding

3 – LaunchGood

LaunchGood is a crowdfunding platforms for Muslims to raise peer to peer funds for their Islamic projects. The have raised over USD98 million for over 9,900 projects. Mmost of funds raised on LaunchGood is for charity purposes rather than for commercial purposes, in which the platform is more similar to GoFundMe than to Kickstarter.

4 –

Ethis is also a crowdfunding platform, but there are four platforms to choose from. Investors or fundraisers can choose from any or all of the four platforms: (1) Indonesia Property Crowdfunding (2) Malaysia Equity Crowdfunding (3) Dubai Property Crowdfunding, and (4) Global Charity Crowdfunding.

Investors are not limited to the countries mentioned above, however, the projects invested will be limited to the areas specified by the individual platform.

Islamic Investment Platform

5 – Wahed Invest

Wahed Invest is an Islamic digital investment platform that aims towards creating Islamically compliant investment portfolios. It is known as a robo-advisory platform, meaning that it employs financial algorithms derived from Modern Portfolio Theory to create optimal portfolios customed-based on the investors risk appetite.

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Halal Travel

The practicing Muslim lifestyle is different from people of other faiths, or even non-faith based people. They have to perform their daily prayers, eat Halal food, stay away from non-Islamic entertainment. When travelling away from home, the need to continue to practise them. Hence, Halal Travel sector is born to cater the needs of Muslim travelers.

6 – HalalTrip

HalalTrip is the Muslim alternative to TripAdvisor, a platform for Muslims to inspire other Muslims to travel and see the world. Available on both desktop and mobile apps, users can find nearby halal places, from halal restaurants and shops, to mosques, as well as halal travel deals and halal trip ideas.

7 – MuzBnB

MuzBnB is the Muslim alternative to AirBnB. Essentially it is a platform for Muslims to discover Muslim-friendly vacation homes and even restaurants. Homeowners who wish to receive Muslim guests are welcomed to list their properties on this platform.

8 – TripFez

TripFez offers Muslim-friendly tour packages around the world with Muslim travel tour guides. Tour packages for Muslim travelers in either small or large groups.

For Muslim Kids

9 – MuslimKidsTV

Its a digital platform for Muslim kids, filled with Islamic values. It has over 15,000 content consisting of Islamic cartoons, songs, games and education. The internet can be a dangerous place for kids, and using this Islamic platform is a good way to ensure Muslim kids are filled with Islamic values.

10 – Mini Muslims

For Muslim parents who want to start their babies and young kids with Islamic, and quranic audio, their cots, mobile cots and play gyms are equipped with toys and audio that are aligned with Islamic values. Imagine FischerPrice, but instead of mobiles with Western lullabies, its filled with Quranic recitations and nasheeds. They even have a smart cot that can be controlled via a mobile app.

We’ve also identified ten mobile Islamic apps for you to use for every occasion in this article.

Do also check out our article on five tools to learn quran with mobile here.

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