Halal living

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Lets face it, living a halal lifestyle is quite a challenge unless Allah make it easy for you.

Halalop is created to promote halal lifestyle among Muslims.  For those Muslims who are new, or are just starting to practice the religion, halal is always a choice. For the practising Muslims, halal is a means to an end…Jannah..Paradise…where every practising Muslim hope he or she will be in the next life.

We’ll be upfront here…we’re here to share with you aspects of halal living or lifestyle…because if we’re given a choice between something halal and something not (or even doubtful)…we’ll choose halal anyday… despite the challenges that come with it.


So that means, sharing with you information or stories we have about:

  • Halal income or halal business opportunities
  • Halal food and Halal products
  • Interesting stories of people who are passionate about halal 

So What The Halal Is It Anyway?

Halal simply means permissible in Arabic. It’s something you’re allowed to do, or consume, or take.  To dive deeper into what are considered halal and what are not, its not our job…

Why? Because we’re not Islamic scholars who have spent years studying fiqh or Islamic jurisprudence.  So how do we know what is halal and what is not?  


If you know the basics of Islam, then you’ll know everything is halal except when it’s not.  Like alcohol, pork, are not halal…and to most muslims, only slaughtered meat according to Islamic rituals are halal to consume.

So What If It’s Not So Simple?

We rely on experts, a.k.a. Ulamas and ustadhs and other Islamic governing bodies to tell us…

Who’s Behind Halalop?

Halalop is created and written by a team of volunteers.

It’s headed by Shahfizal Musa, a writer who is passionate about Muslim issues, and by Farah Ishak who contributes to this site.

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