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Halalop.com is about showcasing inspiring Muslims of today, with the aim to inspire future Muslims in reclaiming their position in the world as a respected, referred and revered Ummah (nation). 

How we do this is by helping Muslim Entrepreneurs, startup founders, small business owners to grow and be a force to be reckoned. Our ultimate goal is to make Muslims respected, referred and revered again. We think this can be achieved if we encourage a halal lifestyle where halal is the center of what we do be it business, work or life.  

But what is halal lifestyle is anyway? Well, it’s definitely more than just consumables. We believe that the fastest to revive the  is having these 3 things: 

Muslim Business Magazine & Halal Lifestyle Magazine

1- Business

Living a halal lifestyle is easier when you are in total control of your income. You can’t really have a complete halal lifestyle if your livelihood depends on others. Let’s face it, the employment sector is full of limitations and challenges. 

So every week,  inshallah we will feature at least one successful Muslim founder, entrepreneur or influencer. We share their journey in building their business and making a mark in the world. This way, you’ll have access to proven business strategies from people who are walking the walk and not just talking the talk. 

2 – Al Quran

If you are a Muslim who wants success in this world and the next world, you should strive to understand the message that was sent for you in the Quran. It needs to be understood in its original language which is Arabic. Only then you start to see the linguistic superpower of the Quran. But learning a new language is not easy with competing demands of life, work, and bosses.

That’s, where we come in, we are going to share how to study Quranic Arabic on your own and keep you motivated until you can understand at least 60% of the Quran in Arabic inshallah.

We plan to inspire professionals, leaders, influencers and the average person to learn the language of the Quran. So they will make better decisions, have better results and lead a blessed life.  

3 – Community

Muslims are a global community, though we may live thousands of miles apart we share the same belief. We are united by one Aqeedah despite our diasporic locations. Our geographical locations give us different experiences and outlook on life. So halalop.com  also share stories that can be a source of inspiration to other Muslims. Stories about how some people still strive amidst adversity like Pakistan Street School, or bottles to build homes.

We’ll feature tools and platforms that bring Muslim communities closer so innovations and great things can be achieved.

We also feature halal entertainment that promotes Islamic values instead of values that antithesis to Islam that are prevalent in Hollywood and Bollywood movies and dramas, these days.  

These are the things that we will be focusing on it is our small contribution towards making Muslims respected, referred and revered again, inshallah.

How We Are Different

So what is so different about halalop.com with other ‘feel good’ Muslim websites? There are 3 things that make us unique, we are not just a ‘feel-good’ factor. We cover Muslim influencers no matter where they are. 


Right now the voices that get heard are those Muslims in the West. But the majority of Muslims are not in the West. Muslims in the West are a minority. We think the voices of Muslims in Muslim majority countries like the MENA region and Asia are equally, if not more important

The West including the Muslims in the west doesn’t really know what the Muslims in Muslim-majority country are going through at the individual, community and organizational levels. So our pioirity is uncovering stories that need to be heard and resonate with the majority of Muslims which we think is underepresented in the media


Secondly, Islam teaches us to do two things, you have to encourage what is positive and you have to speak out on what is wrong. We are not afraid to have a stand on issues, like the Rohingyas, Uigurs and many communities that is suffering in silent.  We will not turn a blind eye towards them. 

There is a movement taking shape to discredit the halal economy by associating it with terrorism and animal cruelty. We have been there to expose this totally unfounded claims.

We nip it in the bud so these irrational and TRUMP up voices are seen as what they truly are. Chauvinistic, ignorant and discriminatory claims which aim to stifle the halal economy.  You can’t develop the halal economy but at the same time put your head in the sand and ignoring attempts to derail it. 

Superiority of the Quran

Thirdly, to bring back the glory days of the past, Muslims must have the conviction that the Quran is the word of God. This can only happen when they see the linguistic miracles of the Quran which can only be seen and felt in Arabic. 

So we have a special segment called the 5 minutes Arabic where readers can read just allocate 5 minutes of their time and they’ll learn something new about the Quranic language every day. The objective is to make readers understand at least 50% of the Quran within 3 to 6 months just by reading a 5-minute article a day.

Halalop aspires to be the ultimate resource where Muslims can learn from Muslim influencers, CEOs and Start-up founders that have proven track record of success. So they can overcome their own challenges and build a truly halal lifestyle by leveraging the halal economy.

Who’s Behind Halalop?

Halalop is created and written by a team of volunteers.

It’s headed by Shahfizal Musa, an award-winning (former) journalist who is passionate about Muslim issues, and by Farah Ishak, senior content writer, with background in marketing, business and finance.

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