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Discovering King Faisal: The Leader that Muslims Need

Discovering King Faisal: The Leader that Muslims Need

Discovering King Faisal: The Man Behind The Name Shah Faisal And How His Reign Relates to Today’s Fight for Palestine… Read More

June 4, 2024

Correct Tajweed and Happiness Hormones

Researchers have found that humming can significantly improve your health and happiness hormones. Wait for a second, what does this… Read More

August 27, 2022

Mastering 7 Skills and Resources for Independence, in Quran Surah an-Niam

There is one Surah in the Quran that provides a solution to the wellbeing of a nation or people. It… Read More

February 1, 2022

Tuhfatul Atfaal Lessons on Idgham

In this short article, you learn about Idgham from Shaykh Al-Jamzuri Tuhfatul Atfaal, it will cover: What is Idgham Idgham… Read More

September 10, 2021

Why the Quran is not changing us as an Ummah for the better?

What is your relationship with the Quran ? How to approach the Quran so that it will transform your life Read More

August 15, 2021

Tajweed with Tuhfatul Atfaal

Last week we went over the first rule of Tajweed in Sheikh Al jamzuri Tuhfatul Atfaal, a poem that summarises… Read More

July 11, 2021

The Easiest Way to Master Tajweed

Tajweed is something that you learn in kindergarten, so many dismiss it as unimportant. If you walk into a Masjid… Read More

June 27, 2021

Leadership and the Quran: Your Leadership Compass to Success

If you are holding a leadership position, well respected and may have some fancy title bestowed as a prefix to… Read More

March 15, 2021

Divine Intelligence, Ulul Albab and How It Can Change the World

We are living in an age where technology can make our difficulties disappear literally overnight. We are now at the… Read More

March 12, 2021

Why Every Muslim CEO can Master Quran Arabic

Quran Arabic is something that Muslim CEOs don't have the time to learn. CEOs are busy people they are always… Read More

January 25, 2021