5 Minutes Quran Arabic: Quran for Busy People

A couple of months ago my friend collapse in a meeting and had to be taken a hospital, it turns out all his arteries were blocked. Surgery had to be done and a pacemaker had to be installed in his chest. Then, 3 weeks ago another acquaintance had a promotion to be the right-hand man of a VIP. However, last week he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition possibly caused by the heightened stress level. 

Alright, this article has nothing to do with health but chances you are heading towards the same direction; dying of stress-related causes. So I decided to share what I learn about Quran Arabic in a 5-minute byte size article so my busy alcoholic and overwork friends can benefit. I hope they too can find comfort in the Quran as I did. 

If you still can’t find time to read a 5 minutes article on Quran, then just know that it is not your fault, some of us are just destined to go to hell. Hope that little statement is enough to keep you motivated and set aside at least 5 minutes to read an article on the Quran. If you keep reading this article about the Quran, I can promise that InshaAllah you’ll know more about the Quran than your local Imam. 

First Lesson On Quran Arabic

This is the first lesson of  5 minutes Quran Arabic and in the next 5 minutes or less you are never going to look at the Quran the same way again ‘InshaAllah’.The Quran was sent down in Arabic which is a language that I call has two Cs and one P. 

Arabic is Compact, Concise and Precise. I am not aware of any other language that comes close to it. If French is the language of love, then Arabic is the language of perfection. But what is a language actually? A language is nothing more than thoughts that are put together in a form of speech which can be written or oral. The Quran is an oral tradition, meaning it is transmitted orally. It is like an impromptu speech.

But the Quran does not just contain the language of perfection. It is also a living miracle that can be seen and felt. But people stop believing in miracles a long time ago.  So instead of using the word miracle, I am going to use the word SUPERPOWER which I think can resonate with a lot more people.

Quran A Living Miracle (Superpower)

I would recommend you to go to youtube and look for an impromptu speech by famous people that you know like, a politician or somebody who in a leadership position. If you try to transcribe what they say word by word, you’ll get a shock.

The first time I did this the first thing that comes to mind was, ‘who let this monkey lose on the stage?’. When transcribing an impromptu speech, you’ll see many mistakes made by the speaker if you don’t edit out and acrobatically rephrases paragraphs it would make the speaker look and sound terrible. Sometimes it could even cost them their career.

But with the Quran which is also like an impromptu speech, there are no mistakes, no editing need to be done, just compact, concise, precise and just utter linguistic perfection. This is the most obvious superpower of the Quran.  

Yet, the speech in Quran Arabic is just like any other language. It is a collection of words that convey a message. In English, there is eight-part of speech which are noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.

Only 3 Parts of Speech in Quran

Guess how many parts of speech is there in Arabic? There are only three parts of speech; three giant families of words. Meaning, every word in the Quran from the first page to the last page can only belong to theses families of words. 

Alright, what are the 3 parts of speech in Arabic or the 3 giant families of words? Let’s go over them they are.

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    • Ism (Noun),
    • Fi’il (Verb)
    • Harf (Particle).

Key Takeaway

That’s it only 3 part of speech. The key takeaways from this article is there only 3 parts of speech. Meaning every single word in the Quran is either (Noun), Fi’l (Verb) and Harf (Particle). This means that every word in the Quran can only fall into any of these 3 categories. 

From cover to cover every word can be classified into these categories. With these 3 parts of speech, the Quran can contain scientific truth, unchallenged linguistic style and guidance for transformation at both individual level and collective level. Looking at the construction of the Quran it defies our logical thinking at less is actually more valuable. 

That’s all you have to remember for now Ism(Noun) Fiil (Verb) and Harf (particle). In the next 5 minutes article, we are going to share what these part of speech means.

Image Credit: Tim Simpson

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