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Learning Quranic Arabic on the go

I have always wanted to learn Quranic Arabic, the truth is every Muslim does but we just don’t have the time in today’s lifestyle. Yet in the last 3 months, I completed basic ‘Nahw’ (Grammar) and ‘Sarf’  (Morphology)which is the foundation of classical Arabic the language of the Quran. So I am going to share how I did it here.

Let’s face it, we are all enslaved to some form of bosses who try to make their bosses happy. We are all busy trying to make ends meet, put food on the table, working all day for our Rizq. I think the turning point for me came when I finally gave up on my dream.

Giving up is not a bad thing

What was my dream? I want to be free and be in total control of my time, so I can spend my time studying Quran and Arabic full time and then teach it. But I also accepted that it may not happen because of life competing demands. I might never have the time like Mohamed Geraldez who drop everything to go and study at the feet of scholars in the Saharan Desert.

Now, I am past the middle age mark, so I have resigned to the fact, may not have the luxury of devoting all my time towards the service of Quran. I stop using my willpower and effort trying to juggle between work and my passion because at the end of the day work wins hands down. The only thing I can do is complain to Allah. Things start to fall into place after that.

Quran Arabic is taught not learnt

In Surah Ar-Rahman it clear that Allah is the one that taught man Quran. If you think you can use your willpower and determination to learn something that is divine, you may learn it but the time you’ll take will be much longer. Surrender yourself to the will of Allah, and the help will come. I went through various programs classes by professors, online classes, intensive programs yet all failed and this went on for 6 years.

Yet when I accept the fact, that I am helpless things start to happen. That is how you should approach the Quran with humility.


The Power of Intention

Somebody whom I knew and respected as a hard worker had a heart attack in a meeting and died. All I know then was I am heading towards the same direction. So I made the intention that if I am going to die during work while discussing pointless things, I might as well have some backup. What is the most indispensable backup that can vouch for you when need it the most other than the Quran? So the flame to master Quranic Arabic was rekindled. I make the intention there and then, to study Quran Arabic no matter what happens. But I did not make any plans, timeline or any of that sort of thing.

Unfriendly lifestyle

The truth is we have a very sick lifestyle, we devote most of our time to work so we do not have time for the Quran. The most we have is a half hour for meditation because it enhances our work performance. But, Quran no, no, no, we don’t have time for that. So with that kind of attitude, the simplest thing can be difficult. Employers now have no respect for your time, even your weekends is bog down with work. They’ll shamelessly give you a task on Friday evening and want it by Monday morning. So how can you learn a new language with that kind of sick lifestyle?

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Quran is something divine, a linguistic miracle of all time and most teachers and programs treat it as such. So you can’t go to a teacher and say “I am really busy can you simplify that lesson you just taught and wrap it up?” If you can muster the courage to ask that question that only shows that  you are not ready to be taught.

Stumbling into the right program

The program that teaches Arabic that became a game changer for me was one that takes into consideration the reality of things.  A program that suits our sick lifestyle, that doesn’t judge you for choosing career over religion. Arabic with Husna by Bayyinah Institute suits perfectly with my schedule. I just watch one video before I go to work and another after I came back from work.

That is how I made a breakthrough with Quranic Arabic, I still have a very long way to go. Most importantly, I know can feel and see the linguistic miracle of the Quran.

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