How difficult is it to understand the Quran in Arabic?

If you have a Quran with you go and pick it up, I am not talking about translation or Tafseer, but the Arabic Quran.  You can become overwhelmed by the sheer thickness of the Quran but did you know to understand the Quran in Arabic is much easier than you ever thought. Why do you need to understand it in Arabic? Wouldn’t a translation would be just as good? 

The short answer is no, simply because the linguistic miracle of the Quran can only be seen and felt in Arabic. It is a guide and a compass for your life.


All Muslims aspire to learn Arabic someday but most of them give up even before giving it a try. Many try to fool their conscience by saying they’ll do it when they have more time. 

That time is not going to come, but you can do it now if you are convinced that it is not as hard as you think. This is what this article is going to do for the next 5 minutes, you will discover that Quran Arabic is easy. So much so that you too can understand the Quran in Arabic. 

Why Quran Arabic is easy?

There are approximately 600 pages in the Quran and on each page there are approximately 15 lines and there are about 9 words per line. So each page would have about 130 words. So in the whole Quran, there are approximately 78,000 words. 

Do we have to understand 78000 words? Not really because many of the words in the Quran is repeated and the non-repeated words are only 17,000. Here is something that will blow your mind away. The root word is even lesser. But what is a root word? A root word is a word that is the foundation of other words.  There are only approximately 1850 root words in the Quran. 

However, before you get excited for a non-Arab it is difficult to form other words even if they know the root word, you must learn Arabic verbs or Sarf and its conjugation.  When you learn and master Arabic sarf you will dramatically reduce the number of words you have to know to only 4500 words. 4500 verbs are the number of words you need to know to understand the whole Quran. 

You already know Arabic

Quran is so easy to understand in Arabic that this fact is a miracle in itself. What I am about to tell you now is of epic proportions. Make sure you are sitting down. What if I tell you that you already know Arabic and it is just a matter of learning simple grammar. You just have to put in a little effort and let what you already know blossoms and take over your understanding.

If you know and understand what you read in your 5 daily prayers and at most 10 short surahs. Combined this with the simple supplication before and after your salah with a little work you’ll understand 50 % of the Quran.  

Let me be more precise, If you understand 235 words associated with what you read before, in and after your salah, you will understand half of the Quran in Arabic. Now, do you believe that understanding the Quran in Arabic is easy?

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