App Review: Quran Pro


In the connected world of technology that we live in today, having access to listen to or to read the Qur’an, has never been easier. Thanks to mobile apps, the Quran is now within reach, in our pockets if not in our memory.

A quick search on the Google Play Store shows over 200 Quran apps for  and nearly 100 apps in the Apple Store. If anything, the sheer number of Quran apps reveal that just how many Muslims hold the Quran near and dear to our hearts.

Given the large number of Quran apps, how do we know just which one to choose and use? Having downloaded a few Quran apps ourselves, we’d like to share with you our experience with this particular Quran app: Quran Pro.


The Quran app is called Quran Pro , developed by  Quanticapps Ltd, is a free app.  The app is available both on  iOS and Android.  The app is designed for those who prefer the hear an audio Quran recitation together with the written Arabic script.

There are a number of things which we found app to be impressive. The user interface is both beautiful visually and user friendly. There are many things you can do within the app.

Quran Recitations

As mentioned earlier, the main thing to do within this app is to listen to a Quran recitation alongside reading the Arabic Quranic script. You can choose from 50 famous reciters and 3 audio recitations with verse by verse audio translations. However the audio translations are only available in English, French and Urdu.

Written translations are available verse by verse in 23 languages as the audio recitation plays. The languages include Bosnian, English, French, German, Spanish, Persian, Indonesian, , Italian, Dutch, Kurdish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Albanian, Turkish, Dutch, and Chinese. The Tafseer is available in Arabic only.

Dua, Ruqyah, Tilawahs and Mushafs

Other than the Quran recitations, the app has features where you can listen to recitations on du’a (supplications), ruqyah and tilawahs. Some of the audios include new recitors not in the list of 50 Quran recitors. However in these audio selections, re are no accompanying Arabic scripts to follow along to nor do they have the translations available.

The app also has many Mushafs (the Arabic scripts of the Quran) versions which are exact copies of the available physical Quran Mushafs. These include Mushaf Marina Nabawiya, Qaloon Mushaf and Mushaf Al-Tajwid. There are also Mushafs with translations, available in English, French, Turkish, Urdu and Indonesian.  However,to read it, you first need to download it.

What we like

What we like about the app is its beautiful and user-friendly interface of the app. Other than choosing between 50 famous Quran reciters, other features we like include the ability to bookmark, the overall dashboard, the ability to choose “car” audio interface for a better in-car audio listening experience. You can also download each surah recitation of the reciter of your choice or the entire Quran recitations for listening and reading offline.

What we don’t like

We do understand the need for app developers to make money, as not everyone can afford to give their time and intellect for free. As with free, this app has advertisements, although it does not interrupt the reading or listening experience at all. Ads only appear when you switch between listening to the Quran or to the Du’as or Ruqyahs or Mushafs. However, you’d have to sit through a 5-second video advertisement before you can see the “close ad” button. The video ads mainly promote mobile games, so there are no rude shocks of inappropriate adult rated that could have ruin your Quran experience.

Final Verdict

A thumbs up Five-star ratings for this app. You can download it on google play and the app store.



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