What’s Your Ramadan Challenge?

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As we all know, Ramadhan is a month of blessings and mercy. This is the ultimate month to gain as many rewards from the Almighty God by doing good deeds.

Hence, it comes as no surprise to some if we can do our own Ramadhan challenge – a challenge to be our better selves in Ramadan.

More Than Just The Nightly Prayers

Of course, reading more of the Quran and praying extra night prayers, such as Taraweeh and Qiyamullayl, are beneficial acts of worship.

However, in addition to that, we could also consider increasing our own acts of mercy and kindness to others, our fellow mankind and animals. While this video is not specific to Muslims or in Ramadhan, it does give an idea what small acts of kindness you can do today, or every day.

Ramadan Challenge Ideas

Watch the video below to give you some ideas for your own Ramadhan challenge.

Imagine If Everyone Did This

Guy offering help to strangers. Share if this inspired you!

Credit: Produced by Jungle Creations & Viral Thread

Posted by Jay Shetty on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Here’s Some More Ideas of Kind And Easy Acts


There’s An App For That

If you find that doing your own private Ramadhan challenge may be a tad too lonely, and you find yourself falling behind, consider using an app.  Yes, we know, there’s only half a month left of Ramadan, but if you look at it with a cup half full, there’s still time left for you to start your own Ramadan challenge and spread your own kindness to others.  This app – called LaunchGood – has its own Ramadhan challenge app – but it is only for a monetary (charity or Sadaqa) donation.

What’s Your Ramadan Challenge?

Do you have any ideas you want to share with us on how to be kind to others (including strangers)? It does not necessarily need to be in the form of money donations, as charity starts with a smile. Do share with us below.
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