The real M in Generation M: Muslim or Money?

You would agree that for a very long time, Islam and Muslims have been seen in one light. With no offense to anyone, media at large worldwide has painted Islam and Muslims erroneously in a negative light.

Fortunately, this mentality is proactively changing.

As a believer that the community always trumps political agenda, the internet is quickly changing this perception. Social media, the advent of the internet and the rise of mobile have become tools for Muslims to really show the world who they truly are. These tools give Muslims and Islam a voice to showcase their truth.

Here comes, Generation M; Young Muslims who are changing the scene gradually. With impeccable taste in fashion and unquestionable love for the religion, a fusion of style and devotion to the tenets taught by the religion, the world is gradually seeing the religion not only for its beauty but also in the light that you can really have it all.

Muslim or money? What is Generation M about?

People affect the world in different ways and it is undeniable that in the absence of a purpose, one would feel like they are not making progress in various aspects of their life. Generation M is a revolutionized set of young believers and no, the M is not for money, it stands proudly for the word Muslim!

They are millennials with a sweet difference and a mission to change the eyes of the world. They mostly believe that a person’s faith, especially with regards to the Islamic religion, can thrive and co-exist with modernization and different cultures. The fact that you are a Muslim doesn’t prevent you from looking trendy, full of life and developing deep friendships with people from different cultures (against the beliefs of some who do not understand).

Generation M is an organized, tech-savvy, self-aware, religious conscious, trendy and inspired group of people and their goal is to bring more awareness around the world.

One of the most notable catalysts for this movement has been the demand for more growth in trading businesses, especially for halal food. Notable achievements are being recorded as groundbreaking ideas are being made into reality on a daily basis.

The amazing people who spearhead this movement are the affluent, young Muslims who are well-traveled and love experiencing food from different cultures. Thus as a result of this, there is the clamor for more Halal restaurants, cafés and increased demand for halal food products in supermarkets all over the world.

How Gen M is doing today

As mentioned above, the Gen M of today is widely knowledgeable and well-traveled people. They love the religion and are infusing modernization into the very fabric of their beliefs. They love experiencing different cultures from all over the world and one way to do so is through food; eating different types of cuisines and snacks.

They want to savor artisan air-dried and slow-cured meat air-flown from Spain or YouTube sensationalized Spicy instant noodles from South Korea or know-how original Scottish shortbread biscuits from the U.K tastes different than locally produced ones, all culminating to making the Muslim world globalized.

In addition, it is heartening to know that increasingly among Gen M, food sustainability, environmental and social responsibility have become hot topics. Young, affluent Muslims want to know what they are ingesting and where it is coming from.

There is an increased consciousness among Muslims supporting and engaging actively in conversations on food sustainability around free trade, carbon footprint, ethical slaughtering of animals and organic farming.

With this elevated consciousness, inevitably, they are health conscious too. Consuming herbal products, health supplements, and vitamins, for instance; liquid Omega 3 fish oil, Probiotics, Vitamin D3 capsules to list a few undeniable trends contributing to the Halal Nutraceuticals and Vaccines market to be a US$ 82 Billion Market by 2026.

And… they are not afraid to spend money to indulge in all of the above.

With all of these developments, it is apparent that the M in Generation is a deliberate mixture of Money with a greater percentage of what it entails to be a Muslim with a difference.

Is your business a part of this amazing revolution and is your business serving the wants of this Generation? Is your business tapping into the demands of Gen M?

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