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Are we there yet? – Thoughts on Gratitude in Islam

Serenity everywhere. After the storm. Who promised? Yes, Him. The faith you have is going strong.

Who did I please? For I didn’t know who?

Who did I fool? What did I act upon?

An 8-year-old getting laughed upon on a word she can’t pronounce. The entire class judged me on that word. From that moment I strived for approval. Not knowing the real meaning of life is to BE and LOVE thyself. The very essence of what the scriptures taught me after 15 years. Love and embrace yourself. Value thy honor and dignity. For you can’t be created any more perfect than you already are since it was the almighty himself who designed you. And he doesn’t commit mistakes.

I remember the many times I rubbed my face with whitening lotions to succumb to the social standards of fellow creations. For I did forget my actual worth is determined by God.

How many of us have overdone ourselves to be someone we see on a social platform? Have we truly embraced ourselves? Or are we trying to become someone else on the cover page.

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature.”

Qurah, Surah At-Tin (the Fig) (ch 95: V4)

How much time have we kept aside to groom our actual selves, meaning on a mental and a spiritual level? Are we manifesting ways to keep the negative forces away on a daily basis? Are we being grateful for the roof on our head and the food on the table? A thing to ponder upon.

Why do we motor ourselves with means to drive the wheels of someone else’s perception?

“…Anyone who is grateful does so to the profit of his own soul…”

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Quran, Surah Luqman, (ch 31: v12).

The more we remember Allah (swt) and practice gratitude, the more we fall in love with what we actually possess. Then “The Noor” shines out. I would like to associate “Noor” to merely clarity – light – brightness rather than to beauty. The trust in your lord. The tawakkul is what constitutes “Noor”.

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In the midst of the pandemic, much of today’s focus is on being grateful. There are online courses and dedicated therapy sessions to practice the concept of gratitude. Being grateful has been taught to us as a way of life. It certainly opens up divine bounties that we already possess but never cherished. There are TED speakers and therapy counselors who have published books on this very subject. Needn’t I stress this was mentioned in God’s scripture 1,441 years ago. 

So, the question remains – Are we there yet? Are we practicing gratitude especially at times like these, times we need it the most? If not. Take a seat and exhibit gratitude while watching your blessings unfold.

“And He has made me blessed wherever I am …”

Quran, Surah Maryam (ch 19: v31)

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Halalop Editor’s Note: This is republished, courtesy of NoorandZafir, an online marketplace for the Modern Muslim lifestyle. If you’re interested in Islamic movitivation, and how to view life from an Islamic perspective, also read these articles: The Muslim Mindset: How To Turn Your Emotions To Positive Energy In Islam and Change Your Thinking To Change Your Life

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