Omar and Hana raising funds to dub

Omar and Hana Animation Raising Funds to Dub in 5 languages – Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French and Russian

The popular Islamic cartoon series, Omar & Hana, for preschool children to instill Islamic values through cartoon is expanding their reach by dubbing in several world languages. There are over 1.9 billion Muslims around the world and 1.2 billion of them speak English, Malay, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French, and Russian .

Hence, the producers of Omar and Hana animation series are raising funds to dub the popular cartoon videos into Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French, and Russian on LaunchGood, the Islamic crowdfunding platform.

Currently, the cartoon series are available in the Malay language which are shown on national TV networks, and in English, and Bahasa Indonesia on YouTube. They have also started showing a few shows on YouTube in Arabic and Urdu and would like to cover more videos.

Expanding the world reach through language

From their popular YouTube channels, which has over 2 billion views and 5 million subscribers, there are plenty of requests from parents from around the world requesting that the Islamic animation series filled with songs and Islamic content be made available in their native langues.

“We have received feedback from comments on our YouTube channels, from parents requesting that Omar and Hana’s videos be made in their languages: Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French, Russian, and so on,” said Sinan Ismail, CEO of Digital Durian, the company behind the Omar Hana animation series.

According to the CEO, they have always wanted to expand the reach of their animation throughout the world, as instilling the right values in younger children is important. The Omar and Hana cartoons are fun-filled, with stories, songs and some Quran content as well which serves the purpose of providing early childhood education through entertainment which is well received by children and parents alike.

Raising Funds on LaunchGood For Dubbing Omar & Hana Cartoons

The Islamic animation series is free to watch on YouTube. The company, Digital Durian, to date has spent more than USD3 million to create over 70 songs and 60 episodes of Omar & Hana. They now hope to raise funds on LaunchGood, the Islamic crowdfunding platform, in order to cover the costs of dubbing in various world. languages are spoken by most Muslims.

major languages for Muslims on Omar and Hana

Their fundraising campaign is only 7 days away from closing. To date, they have already raised USD22K of funds. Donations can start from as small as USD20 onwards, and those who donate in larger amounts such as USD250 onwards can receive Omar & Hana merchandise.

Childhood Education Through Entertainment

There are currently very limited content of Islamic cartoon series that are entertaining for kids to watch and with interesting characters. Muslim parents, especially in non-Muslim countries, or English speaking families, would have noticed that Western-based cartoon shows often have content that are non-Islamic in nature: from teaching kids to go dating, to partying, and various other non-Islamic values, which can be absorbed by our young, innocent Muslim children.

Omar and Hana cartoon series give an alternative for Muslim parents to raise their children in accordance with Islamic values, that are entertaining for the kids and education and filled with Islamic morals.

Let’s give the non-English, non-Malay speaking children the same opportunity to be educated with Islamic values through entertainment on the Omar & Hana animation series by donating on the fundraising platform so the cartoon series will be available on YouTube in Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French and Russian as well.

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