How To Spot the Modern Alpha Muslim

In this secular world where equality is often trumpeted, the clear distinction between men and women has become fuzzy. As a result, Muslim men are either too rough that they are labeled as barbaric,  or too passive that their rights an identity are trampled upon.  

The situation is made worse when there is a double standard when it comes to being a man. When western non-Muslims man talks tough or demonstrates aggressiveness it is taken as an ‘attitude’ of masculinity. But when a Muslim men does express their masculinity they are labeled as ‘barbaric’ ‘Taliban’ or demonstrating terroristic tendencies. 

This happens because there are so many ideas that are floating around, just waiting to infiltrate your mind as to what a man should look or behave like. Many of these ideas are engineered for different reasons it may be to push a product & services or may even intentionally created to corrupt your belief system. But what is certain is they don’t make you a man. 

So what is the characteristic of the Modern Alpha Muslims? The kind of traits that Muslim sisters looking for in a soul-mate. The kind of behavior that Muslim men should have if they want to develop the identity of a real Muslim man. An identity that defies secular stereotypes and might be attractive to Muslim women. 

Here are six things that we think should be in a Modern Alpha Muslim:

He Keep-fit

Just take a look at these two photos and ask yourself, who would you rather have by your side if you are going to a battle. I don’t know about you but I would rather have the second man on my team.


We live in a world where a Muslim man cannot show their masculinity for the fear of being label aggressive or barbaric. In actual fact, you need a healthy amount of fitness so you can protect your family or at the very least play with your kids without being short of breath after 60 seconds.

Keep a beard

There is a term they give to men who shave their beard, they are called ‘women’. A beard is a sunnah and it is not a sign of an alpha male. It is only a prerequisite to becoming a Modern Alpha Muslim. So if you are a male forget what they say about the beard is an automatic job-loser and impossible to pair with a business suit.


Now the beard is back as a sign of manliness but you or your man should keep it because it is sunnah.


Keep Praying in the Mosque

A Modern Alpha Muslim male would always strive to pray 5 daily prayers in a Mosque or in a congregation. In today’s crazy lifestyle where there are competing urgent demands of your time, the man that can keep his doing his salah in the mosque or congregation is hard to come by. At the very least he is able to do his fajr and Isya in a mosque. And he is not proud of this achievement but humbled because Allah chooses whom he wills.

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Keep trying to wake up for Tahajudd

This one is a little bit difficult to spot because people who wake up for Tahajudd don’t usually go an tell people about it. If you do find those who announce that they wake up for Tahjudd regularly, they may have an alpha ego but they are not MAM. Tahjudd gives you inner mental strength. So if you want to be an Alpha male try to wake up for Tahajudd regularly.



Keep Learning Quran in Arabic

You can’t really be proud of your Muslim identity when you have to resort to translation when you want to understand the Quran. The Quran should be your guide so you have to understand in its original language. So you should learn Quran Arabic so you can teach your children and your family their religion as it should be understood.  


Keep Using the Miswak

The Miswak is teeth cleaning twig that has been used for over 1400 years ago some accounts say that it has been used over 7000 years. It is highly recommended but forgotten sunnah. We are not talking about you carrying your Miswak like a caveman but there are Miswak in the market complete with an elegant casing that you can be proud of.

These are just 6 criteria to be a modern Alpha Muslim, the list is by no means exhaustive. Being a Muslim man is a lot more than portraying the image of masculinity, it is also being kind to your wife and accepting her the way she is.  It also helps to learn Islamic history to strengthen your Islamic identity. 

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