These 3 Inspirational Poems Will Boost Your Iman

Poets are influential people that change the course of history. So we tried to look for inspirational poets our time that is comparable to Rumi or Allama Iqbal. Our initial search reveals they are our contemporary Muslims are inspirational enough that they can share the same space with Rumi or Alama Iqbal.

They can be divided, into three one is those poets who are preoccupied with their Muslim identity in the land of the non-believers. .Secondly there are poets like who have depth but they are either convicted for inciting Jihad or label as extremists like Dareen Tatour, Thirdly, they are poetry that that can really boost your Iman.

So we manage to find three poems that really can help you boost your Iman and help you stay positive when dealing with life challenges.

Poem When You Are Depressed

This first poem is all you need to listen to when things get a little out too much to handle or you don’t see the result that you expect. The poem is called Let the day pass written by Muhammad bin Idris, he is none other than the renown Iman  As Syafiee Rahimulllah.


Poem Suitable For Every Situation

The second Poems has deeply connected with Imam Ahmad bin Hambal. It was narrated that once

A man once came to Imām Ahmad bin Hanbal and asked him, “O Imām, what is your opinion on poetry?” He replied, “Which poetry is this?” to which the man responded by reciting the following couplets: If my Lord asks me, “Have you shyness in disobeying me? You conceal your sins from my creation – and with sins you come to me.”

Imām Ahmad took these lines and repeated them over and over again, and wept profusely to such an extent that one his students said that he almost perished due to him crying so much.

This poem should be listened to every day no matter what situation you are in. It will remind you what is important in this life and put you on the right track.

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Poem When You Experience Success

When we achieve something we tend to become boastful and make mistakes. That’s why in Islam the tradition is you should ask for forgiveness when you succeed.

This is based on the Qur’an, Surah An-Nasr (surah 110). The surah only has 3 verses, and it was about the victory of Rasulallah (s.a.w) for opening Makkah to Islam. The scholars of tafseer mentioned that there are 3 lessons to be learned from this short surah:

1 – Victory is from Allah
2 – Glorify Allah
3 – Seek forgiveness and repent – because when we experience success, we think its because of our hard work, our intelligence, and so on. Instead, victory is only from Allah.

Here is a poem by Sheikh Mansour As Salimi called Repentance.

Here is a perfect poem that should listen to when you experience success. You may not need it now but that day will come, inshallah.



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