Say No To Entertainment Industry’s Islamophobic Narrative

The entertainment industry owes the Muslims of the world more than an apology.

Every show whether Indian or International, that depicts a Muslim character has always indulged in negative stereotyping of Muslim Characters.

The ‘Muslim’ shown on TV is never a realistic reflection of the actual Muslim.. He/She is either painted in black or white, with either the character honing negative ISIS-kinda extremism or a completely watered-down version of a Hollywood Muslim, who parties and drinks, etc.

Where are the real caricatures of a Muslim being showcased on TV?

It’s either the Taliban or al-Qaida oriented terrorism spreading, suicide bombing version all over International TV or the Hollywood Muslim who has discarded the Muslim identity as if it were a cancerous malady.

The latest addition to this dangerous stereotyping of Muslims and their faith is the much-hailed about Netflix show ‘The Messiah’ that pushes its own political agenda.

For instance the narrative of a humanized Israeli officer and the stereotypical Muslim suicide bomber.

I mean, how far from reality is this narrative. If the world knows the atrocities of the IDF in Gaza, then perhaps they would know the hellish life a Palestinian Muslim leads, oppressed by Israel and its army.

Why are Muslims of the world, putting up with this unfair and bigoted narrative of our faith?

With Islamophobic attacks on the rise, Muslims around the world have been at the receiving end of violence, solely because of this anti-Muslim narrative peddled by the media.

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It is time to take back the narrative from the media, that has never humanized the Muslim & the faith of Islam.

Jihad, Shariah & other Arabic terms have been thrown around too often without context. We have had enough of this demonizing of our faith.

We say no more!

To the Muslims, I say this, the next time you watch and support establishments demonizing your identity, remember, you are helping promote Islamophobic narrative.

So no, it’s not a harmless show/movie you are watching. It is the very source of Islamophobia, you are encouraging.

This article was first published on the author’s Facebook page.

Halalop Editorial: to avoid Islamaphobic narratives, do check out Turkish TV dramas, which offer great entertainment that feature Muslims in their everyday lives, including historical heroes.  Turkish TV dramas rank second globally, in exporting entertainment, just behind Hollywood productions.

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