How Spiritual Alignment Helps Your Personal and Professional life

What can spiritual alignment do in your personal and professional life?

Do you think you are a spiritual being?

Regardless of your sect, gender or circumstances, you are all spiritual beings.

The simple fact that you can Think makes you spiritual. Most people are not aware of it and innocently believe they may have to exclude themselves, do endless meditation, and spend years in seclusion before becoming spiritual. There is nothing wrong with any of that except it’s all a bit too long-winded. There are endless floors of consciousness in your Spirituality. The more conscious input will offer more Output you will experience.

Seeds of Excellence In the Form of Thoughts

Allah SWT has placed the seeds of excellence in all human beings in the form of thoughts. In essence, you all have this latent potential of becoming as much spiritual as you want in the form of thousands of daily thoughts. The moment you become aware of it through an insight something changes inside you permanently.

This is what caused many Sahabas to accept Islam and never look back as they experienced their best versions while hearing the message of Islam and had Insights to change their lives(guidance in form of thought).

This is what happens to the worst of sinners and they never look back.

You only need one single Insight to claim this Spiritual self of yours.

Being Present With Your Thoughts

You too can experience this by removing your excessive thoughts from past and future to become Present with your thoughts and see the bliss and beauty of your thought.

When you experience a spiritual nature of your thoughts your personal and professional life Thrives as a natural by-product. You experience a completely different way of being knowing you are OK.

You have to have a willingness to believe and learn the truth for yourself. You really can become spiritual (as much as or as little as you want).

Remember Allah only helps those servants who want to change themselves. And how does any change begin?

In the form of a Thought

One single (uncontaminated) thought called Insight is all you need to move forward effortlessly on this path of spirituality.

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Ask yourself, what is the next thing I need to do in order to claim my spiritual excellence?

Ask yourself how you can experience your Spiritual Self!!

Once you see the Spiritual nature of your Thought your whole life experience Transforms on a personal and professional level. You don’t show up in the world wishing to be well-grounded, you experience your own grounding.

Why Thoughts Are Important

Thoughts are divine gifts and the only way of experiencing the outside world. Without thought and feelings( attached with thoughts as 2 sides of the same coin) we can’t feel and comprehend what’s happening around us. Thoughts help us making or breaking our habits. Unfortunately, we pay attention to negative or downward feelings thoughts more and feel bad about it.

The easiest way of getting rid of a negative thought is understanding the nature of the thought. Thoughts are transient. The moment you let go of a thought like a balloon or cloud it will go away. More attention you pay to your thoughts it attracts similar thoughts. Let go of the negative thoughts and savor the ones you like.

Thoughts are also neutral. Your feelings about a particular thought make it positive or negative. Just like you can never squeeze orange juice from an apple, you can never feel positive thinking a negative thought.

Try it for yourself and share what was your experience. See the truth for yourself and let your mind enjoy the calmness and serene presence in the moment.

This article is by written by contributor, Ayesha Ikram.

Ayesha Ikram is on a mission to Empower, Educate and Inspire as many people as she can globally to show them the simplicity and spirituality of their Thoughts. She is a transformational coach for professionals who are ready to move away from Burnout to become emotionally and spiritually resilient. She is the founder of ‘Ayesha Ikram’, ‘Beyond Abundance’ “Born 2 Be Resilient Show with Ayesha” and her podcast “Transform your life with Ayesha”.

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