Teach yourself Quranic Arabic during this lockdown

By the end of this article, you know where to learn Quranic Arabic for free, and how to test your knowledge on Quranic Arabic. We saw how resilient people are on this global pandemic, singing from balconies to dhikr invoking Allah on the rooftop. There are a lot of theories about why this is happening to us, from biological weapons to the beginning of Yaumul Qiyamah (Doomsday). I personally do not agree or disagree with all the analyses no matter how crazy they are. Allah knows best. 

So what do you do with your time? As a Muslim the one thing that if you do and can’t go wrong. It is to understand the book of Allah. Here are resources that you can learn Quranic Arabic for free in a systematic manner and intensively. 

There are hundreds of people, on youtube claiming their Quranic Arabic course is the simplest. Many are just trying to sell their online course or pre-frame you into buying something from them. So some may be deficient in sincerity and this has an impact on the barakah of learning. So I am going to share with you what I find useful as a beginner in studying Quranic Arabic. 

Step 1 Get The Five Course Material

You need to get the Madinah Arabic Course for English Speaking Students by Dr V Abdul Rahim. Who is Dr V Abdur Rahim? He is like the Godfather of tea.

Most of the teachers of Quranic Arabic have studied under someone who has at least used Dr V Abdur Rahim material. You can download the relevant material here: 

Link to Course Material

The material above is really simple, to learn by yourself, it is more like a children’s book. But what you need is discipline, or you are lock-up somewhere with nowhere to go. If you complete all 3 parts of the course. InsyaAllah, you have enough knowledge be able to teach it to others.

Step 2 Follow the guided video lessons

The materials above are simple enough to learn on your own. However, to make it even easier, I am going to give you something that would guide you. It is similar to someone who guides you every step of the way, on every page of the course. All you have to do is follow it.

There is a complete video series, for the course that you can follow step by step from beginning to the end of the course. The lesson is led by brother Asif from Canada available here for free. First, this is what I have been able to find about Brother Asif the instructor.

Asif Meherali is on the right

The thing that you like about him is his method of teaching. He is very reassuring, almost like a father teaching a child how to ride a bicycle. 

You can go and download a complete series of guided videos.

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Link to the complete video series

Institute of the Language of the Quran.

Should you are more interested in structured self-learning you can go to a dropdown menu at

But one thing you also know about Brother Asif he likes to sing. He employs it to help you memorize some concepts. He actually has a good voice. In fact, if he is in Bollywood I think A.R Rahman has to look for a new job.  Alhamdulillah, Allah chose him to use his talents to teach Allah’s book.

Step 3 Test your knowledge

There are also quizzes that are based on the Madinah Arabic Course for English Speaking Students that you can take.  There are over 90 quizzes that you can take, to test your knowledge.  You can do them here.

Madinah Arabic Quizzes

That should keep you occupied during the Lockdown and Restriction Movement Order. Before you know it soon whatever calamity that befalls on us will be over. Stay indoors and get closer to Allah. 

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