Inspiring Muslim Stories and Start-up of 2019 and Beyond

2019 is drawing its curtain to a close, the memories that we carry with us will influence our future decisions. While the situation of Muslims around the world in need of much improvement, there is a lot of things that we can be thankful for. 

So here is this year’s most inspiring halal business and lifestyle from In case you’ve missed some of these inspiring stories, we’ve rounded them up for you here.

So, please join us in supporting promoting Halal business and lifestyle ideas and stories; share the articles that you enjoyed reading and join the discussions respectfully.  Above all these demonstrate who Muslims are made of. We will thrive against all odds because Allah is with us. 


1 – Muslimah Scientist Discovered a New Galaxy

2 – Former Teacher Turned Robotics Limbs Inventor

3 – Lady Doctor Turned Medical Entrepreneur


1 – OneAgrix – Halal Marketplace Combats Food Fraud with BlockChain Technology

2 – Reviving A Forgotten Sunnah with social Business

3 – Helping SME’s with Their Billings


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1 – KL Summit: Objectives And Opportunities 

2  –How to Make Smart Investment and Halal Money

3 –  Real Estate CrowdFunding


1 – 6 Completely Free Software Tools for SMEs

2 – Where To Get Early Funding for Your Islamic Startup

3 –  5 Ways To Attract Barakah In Your Business

We hope you’ll find these articles useful and inspiring. More importantly, we hope they can change how Muslims see themselves. Remember to share them with your friends if you find it useful. We wish you the best in the years to come, and hope you’ll stay with us! 

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