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Upcoming Online Events On Islamic Digital Economy

iPORTAL, an Islamic economy knowledge online platform, is organizing two events that will propel the understanding of various aspects of the Halal & Islamic economy.

The online events are open to all who are interested in improving their knowledge, and, is currently free of charge. To attend the events, user are required to register first via the links provided, or via the iPortal website.

1 -Sustainable & Social Impact Waqf ‘Removing the Friction’

a) Audience most suitable to

  • Waqf Regulators / Financial Institutions
  • Investors / Waqf Associates / Private Companies
  • Practitioners/Lecturers / Scholars/Researchers
  • Public

b) Key Objectives  
Defining the Waqf Economy

  • Digital Waqf
  • Promotion of Waqf in G20 countries

c) Expected outcomes    

  • Expanding the narrative about Waqf and taking a platform approach globally to Waqf
  • Reducing the information search cost in finding research/studies about Waqf and projects; technology (like blockchain for Waqf property);
  • In part the impact investing-II-movement that is gaining traction in the West
  • Opportunity in Waqf products as product of asset portfolio

Event Date: 24th February 2021
Time: 2pm-5pm (MY Time)
Registration Link:

2) Digital Halalpreneurship

a) Audience most suitable to:

  • Government Officials/Halal Industry Agencies
  • Financial Regulators/ Financial Institutions
  • Investors / Private Companies
  • Practitioners/Lecturers / Scholars/Researchers
  • •Public

b) Key Objectives

  • To provide information and guidelines for better understanding on the importance of  Halal Assurance (Standards and Certifications)
  • To create an opportunity for business networking on marketing and branding opportunities in the Halal Global Market
  • To provide financial literacy information for micro-SMEs and SMEs for business expansion

c) Expected outcomes    

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  • To tackle the digital challenges ahead for the Islamic economy
  • To provide pathways in the application for micro-SMEs and SMEs businesses
  • To educate financial literacy amongst the Muslims communities/businesses

Event Date: 3rd March 2021
Time: 10am-1pm (MY Time)
Registration Link:

Event Competition: 2021 Startup Pitch Competition

Open to Malaysian Universities Students

a) Suitable Audience

  • Open to Malaysian citizens and those studying in Malaysia with a valid visa

 b) Key Objective & Benefit

iPORTAL is about contributing and celebrating entrepreneurship and Startup eco-system as one of the key drivers to the growth and diversification of the Islamic Digital economy. We challenged ourselves to build and launch, and now, we challenge students, young people and others with ideas or prototype for the IDE to submit to iPORTAL.

There are financial prizes, opportunity to have your Startup listed on iPORTAL, and potentially blog on the iPORTAL. 

Register via e-Form:

(Note: Applicants to share post status of their registration through any (1) social media link. E.g.”Our Startup just applied to iPORTAL 2021 Startup Pitch Competition@

ii. Submission of the proposal via email to: and must be submitted in the English language.

iii. Deadline for submission: 31st March 2021

iv – Link to the Startup Pitch Competition Rules can be found on the iPortal site .

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