Tips On How To Get Barakah In Business By TheWudhuSocks Cofounder

Achieving success in business is an important topic for all business owners, and for Muslims, we can achieve business success by having barakah in the business. Barakah means the blessings of Allah s.w.t.

We spoke with the founder of The Wudhu Socks co-founder who is an entrepreneur, and a hafiz (Quran memorizer) about how he achieved success with barakah in his business. We also spoke about what wudhu socks are, who is it for, and on how to get barakah in the business.

Some of the tips shared on how to get barakah in business is by marketing your products with Islamic values, making Allah s.w.t a partner in your business, and by putting in the effort.

What are wudhu socks?

Wudhu Socks are socks that comply with Islamic rulings that can be worn while performing the ablution (wudhu’) prior to performing the solah. The ablution involves washing parts of the limbs and the face with water known in Arabic as Masah (  مسح ). For people who are traveling or live in cold countries, washing the feet with cold water may be too difficult. Islamic scholars have allowed that washing the feet for wudhu can be done by weather leather socks or wudhu’ socks that meet certain requirements.

Can you do wudu with socks on?

Performing the ablution, of washing the feet whilst wearing wudhu’ socks are permissible for as long as the conditions are met.

How The Business Started

Umar Khan started, selling wudhu socks made of bamboo materials, after finding it too cold to perform wudhu in cold climates. He was previously studying in the US, and now in Turkey, and found that he was struggling with the cold water to perform the ablution for prayers, especially when it came to washing the feet.

He searched for a solution and found the Islamic ruling of wudhu socks. However, he went a step further and decided to start a business making wudhu socks suitable for modern living, by using materials made from bamboo.

TheWudhuSocks work closely with Islamic scholars for advice and in ensuring that the socks are Shari’ah compliant. They have an Islamic scholar on the board of the company to ensure that they are Islamically compliant given that the importance of the validity of wudhu’ for the solah (Islamic prayers).

Tips To Get Barakah In Your Business

Muslims have the possibility of barakah in their business. Allah s.w.t. can give you blessings in your business. Your business results is not from your own efforts. When you factor in Islam, ethics, and barakah in your business, the equation changes.

The benefits of barakah in business is that with barakah, you’ll be able to do more with less, and you’ll be able to get the qudrat (power, strength), to achieve more than just an increase in revenue.

1 – Marketing your products with Islamic values

Even if you have halal products, or sell modest fashion clothes, always ensure that your marketing efforts are compliant with Islamic rulings and values.

“The Halal industry should not just be based on revenues, or profit-motivated only. It should instead be business with a purpose.”

“In the Halal industry especially, Muslims should take the lead from product conception to marketing, and even to having an ulama’ (Islamic scholar) on board to advise you whether the marketing is Islamically compliant.”

“For instance, in Pakistan, a very successful clothing business selling modest clothing for women do not use women as models for their clothing or have music in their commercials (advertising). They use mannequins to model their clothes. Yet they are one of the more successful clothing business in Pakistan.”

“If I’m complying with the commandments of Allah s.w.t., Inshaallah, there will be barakah in the business. There are so many creative ways to do marketing. Once the industry norms start changing, more businesses start adopting it, the business landscape will start to change. For instance, in the West, there are calls to stop objectifying women, and stop using women in marketing.”

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“The lead has to come from Muslims when Muslims practice ethical marketing, or not use women in marketing. When businesses see the barakah, and success from this, more businesses will start adapting their practices too. Inshaallah, there’ll be a shift in the business landscape of marketing practices.”

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2. Make Allah s.w.t a partner in your business

When you establish your business, always have Allah s.w.t part of your business, by putting Him as a partner in your business. Establish a certain amount of your business for Allah s.w.t. and that amount will for charity.

Umar said that The WudhuSocks team consulted an Islamic scholar and the scholar gave the advice. “When you establish a business, make Allah s.w.t. a partner in your business. Make Him a shareholder, write in down in your documents, and He will receive this much percentage, and that will go to charity.”

“And the ulama’ (Islamic scholar) said, “When you have Allah as your business partner, you can ensure that your business is not going to go down. It will go up, inshaAllah.”

“So from day one, we adopted this. We actually wrote down the share of Allah s.w.t which will go to charity.”

“We were thinking the new product will be difficult for people to adopt. Alhamdulillah, we have been successful so far, and Allah s.w.t has been kind to us.”

“We have customers from over 20 countries. Our main customers are based in the US, UK, and Canada, alhamdulillah.”

3 – Put in the effort and work hard

Allah s.w.t. is the Most Just. Part of that Justice that He (Allah) will reward you for your effort instead of being lazy. However, with barakah (blessings of Allah s.w.t), your effort will double in results or more.

“For instance, a company puts in ten hours of work [into a project]. You also put in ten hours of work, but because of barakah, your ten hours will equal to say fifteen hours of work.”

“Continue with good customer service, great marketing, and technology, and ticking all the right boxes [of business practice], and couple that with barakah, inshaAllah, business will be good.”

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