5 Ways You Can Attract Barakah In Your Business

Why do some Muslims seems to stumble on success in almost everything they touch? While the rest success is like a shadow, it is there but you could never catch it no matter how hard they tried. After interviewing countless successful Muslims, from Entrepreneurs to Astronauts, there is a pattern that keeps emerging. 

They are two kinds of successful people. One are people who use their will to overcome their circumstances. Then there are people who always seem to be in the right place at the right time. The whole universe seems to conspire to bring the right circumstances to them. People who what the world call lucky.  

How to Increase Business In Islam

When you want to grow your business, will power and business strategies are not enough, because you can’t possibly anticipate what life will throw at you. You need to be instead of going against the flow, take advantage of the flow and ride it to the shore. 

As a business owner, marketer, startup founder, you may have read all the books on growing your business, and the latest marketing strategies and have applied them all, and you expect the results to be as the books or marketing gurus have promised you. However, as a Muslim, you must realize that nothing can happen without the Will of Allah SWT. So only if Allah wills it to be, allow it to happen, then it will happen.

Sure, this does not mean that you only make du’a and go back to sleep. There are so many stories in the Quran that tells us to try our best efforts, make the best decisions, AND to rely on Allah’s help.

Continue on with your business expertise and marketing strategies. But there’s one more ingredient that Muslims must add. So, as Muslims, how to increase business in Islam?

The only way to explain these people that seems to defy the odds is that they have barakah (blessings) in what they do. When you have barakah you have everything, you live a charmed life instead of dealing with one disaster after the other.  

Barakah In Growing Your Business

There are a lot of factors that can invite barakah when it comes to growing your business. Most of the time it has nothing to do with business acumen but we identified one of these 5 factors that always visible in the successful Muslims that we interviewed.

1In Their Good Books

If you want to be a multimillionaire make sure that you are in your parents, especially your mother’s good book. This may sound irrational but I yet to see anyone who has a good relationship with their mum experience financial difficulty. This is attested by a multi-millionaire who made his money by supplying important equipment to the government. 

He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but never tasted real success. Later, he discovered that his mother did not approve of his career choices. He then had a heart to heart talk with his mother, asking for her forgiveness and requested her to give her blessings on his endeavors. After that, he landed on an opportunity that changed his life. Now he has a social business as well

2 Give Sadaqa

We all heard stories about business magnates who gave their wealth to charity and become icons of philanthropy. .Many think that these people donate millions to charity because they are super rich but it is really the other way around. 

They become super-rich because they activated the power of sadaqa. There are many Muslims entrepreneurs who are also philanthropist but they choose to keep a low profile. In fact, they are many stories of Muslims businesses that ran into difficulty and their strategy of getting out of it is to give a lot of sadaqa

This defies human logic but it works, so If you want to grow your business include giving sadaqa as part of your strategy and you’ll see results almost immediately. 

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3 – Gratitude

If you had the chance to talk to successful people you will find that they have this common trait. They would say things like “I am blessed with good opportunities” or “I have been very fortunate to have all these wealth”. This is because their psychology is built around gratitude. 

These do not mean that do not experience any setback in life, but their attitude of gratitude change every failure into an opportunity. No matter what the No matter what their circumstances, they have a beautiful ability to continue to be grateful for what they have instead of focusing on what they don’t .

4 – Tawakkal

The business world today put too much emphasis on methods like marketing tactics, branding or copywriting. These are all important but they should not take you away from the source of growth which is Allah. Miracles have happened when you have tawakkal (reliance in Allah). Unexpected opportunities will be presented at your feet when you put your trust in Allah. 

An important part of business is the ability to respond to challenges as they arise. When you put your trust in Allah, doors to solution will be opened to you. Trust in Allah always turn every set back into an opportunity in the shortest time possible. Trust in Allah makes exponential growth a routine instead of distant goal. 

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5 – Connection

Muslims are encouraged to maintain silaturahim i.e kinship. There is even a hadith that if you want your rizq (sustenance) to be expanded you should enjoin kinship. Making connections is part of silaturahim and research has shown that being connected not only helps you live longer and healthier but it improves business. Customers come back when they feel a special connection with your team; if your business has a strong community connection and profile, you will have people supporting you over your competitors.


So if you are in business and want to ensure the growth of your business the 5 things listed above is the foundation of a successful business. So many people treat business as separate from what Islam teaches. 

The 5 things listed above are the shortcut to business success, you can have the best business strategy, superb marketing plan and tons of funding but if you don’t have barakah, it is not a business that is worth doing. These 5 things is the first step in infusing barakah in your business whatever that may be.

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