How Collabdeen is unleashing the potential of the Muslim Ummah

The Muslim Ummah is one single community but separated by geographical and political boundaries. Just imagine if this group of people can be organized into a single platform, where communities can connect with its members and with other communities. That is when Great things happen.

This is the vision that Fateh Ali had when he founded Collabdeen, the App that unites communities with its members, inspired by their faith.

Away from Home & Serving Muslim

Fateh Ali the founder of CollabDeen is truly an inspirational Muslim, originally from India. He has since set his roots in Singapore, owning his own faith-based tech start-up. How did he manage to go from where he was to where he is now? Keep reading to find out. 

When Fateh Ali was working for investment banks in Singapore, he started to miss his home in India. It is just simple things like being around people of the same faith and hearing the Azan five times a day. Instead of taking time off work and going back to India, he worked even harder. 

He offered his technical expertise to help local communities and one of his first projects in 2010 was helping his local community by building a virtual calendar utility app that prompts and highlights Islamically significant dates.  After that, he received more requests from other communities he spoke to and started seeing good interest in developing this into a more powerful product. He’s created standalone applications for communities. 2013 onwards he understood global Islamic market, the mindset of Muslims, the spending power and understood the potential market, by spending more time creating multiple products.

Muslims around the world works at micro-level instead of macro-level, and Fateh started seeing the potential of bringing all of them together with the power of collaboration. That is how the story of CollabDeen started.

App That Connects Members To The Community

CollabDeen describes itself as a Deep-Tech, Artifical Intelligence (AI) Powered, community management platform that helps communities such as mosques, or Islamic circles, and even halal-based brands to build their Muslim audience.

Businesses now with the ability to build their niche audience in the  Global Islamic Economy, estimated USD$3.8 trillion by 2022. Admins can view their community engagement in real-time analytics that helps them participate in the continual development of their community.

Communities today suffer from the complexity in the number of tools and the complexity of reaching out to their community members for various initiatives, let it be events, or announcements, or membership initiatives or donations. CollabDeen Solves these issues.

Basically Collabdeen is an app that connects members to their local communities, it allows a community to communicate with its members, especially in giving notifications. Like a mosque can have access to analytics about its congregation, how many people send confirmation to a particular event and so on.

As the communities grow, the potential grows, you can think of it like having the functionality of Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Foursquare and many more all in one platform.

CollabDeen is going to revolutionize how communities communicate, it is going to bring the Muslim Ummah together It, already developed the easiest to use Qibla finder which is an idea by its indispensable team members.  

AI App That Helps Brands and Businesses For Muslims

CollabDeen, have plans to helps brands and businesses get more customers through the app in their future plans. “What we are doing is we are coming out with a lot of gamified solutions, reviews, rating systems where users can, for example, find halal restaurants in a particular locality.”   

One initiative is CollabDeen is working with Halal certification bodies in different regions to get so halal businesses in these regions can be accessed through the platform. 

This will definitely help Muslim travelers and businesses to connect. This is just one of the features that CollabDeen is working on, they are also developing features that would facilitate influencer marketing more effectively.

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CollabDeen platform is equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology that will block any pictures such as nudity and other content that are against Islamic principles. This is something refreshing for Muslim content creators. One of the problems that Muslim content creators face is they can’t really filter the ads that go with their content on many of the platforms. 

How CollabDeen Overcame Challenges

Anybody going through the CollabDeen app would not deny that it is the most promising app that can unite the diverse Muslim ummah into a single platform. So far there are over 300 communities from 28 countries are using the CollabDeen platform. 

Fateh said it “It has taken a lot of effort, ups, and downs for CollabDeen to come to where it was, but we face a lot of challenges along the way and they are not just technological challenges”.

Some see CollabDeen as competing with the app that they are developing so they did not like it, but the halal economy is big enough to accommodate numerous players that solve problems faced by Muslims. 

Secondly, CollabDeen has received requests to alienate certain sects or groups. However, CollabDeen is a global platform so it should include global Muslims. 

Fateh said, “It took over 100,000 people that came together to build the Egypt pyramids, The Apollo program involved more than 400,000 engineers and scientists, and technicians from more than 20,000 private companies and universities to reach the achievement of one man walking on the moon.”

“What CollabDeen is doing is solving technological challenges face by Muslims so they can collaborate and achieve great things,” he said.  

Ultimately CollabDeen, once it received the support of Muslims globally, will change the perception the world has towards Muslims currently.

A new version will be launched Q1 2020 just before Ramadan which will kickstart the growth stage for CollabDeen.

The potential of CollabDeen is huge because they leverage on IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Imagine in the near future you can speak to your phone and say “Salam CollabDeen please read Ayah 19 from Surah Al Baqarah” or ask “What is the next event in my local mosque?”. 

All of this is possible because of the vision of people like Fateh Ali, and of course the support of Muslims. So download the app and find out how it can help you or your business. 




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