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4 Great Halal Business Ideas: They Will Inspire You Like They Did Me!

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Source Musliminc.com : 4 Great Halal Business Ideas: They Will Inspire You Like They Did Me!


The Muslim consumer market undeniably presents the next big thing for investors at 1.8 billion and growing, it only makes sense that big business will soon find itself catering for the Muslim Market. The Halal market alone is estimated at USD 2.1 trillion a year and considering the expected population growth in Muslim countries, it will increase by 500 billion a year.

It goes without saying that now is a good time to take your slice of the pie, and to help you with that, we propose 5 Halal business startup ideas that can get you on the road to getting a slice of this magnificent Muslim cake!

As it is becoming increasing important to people to have a healthy work life balance, these low capital intensive business ideas will get you going in 2016.

#1. Halal Bed & Breakfast

Ideal for someone who has a home and spare rooms in a city or country that attracts tourists, an Islamic Bed and Breakfast will attract the niche Muslim traveler. This will not cost you much and it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The Islamic Tourism market is largely untapped and presents huge opportunities. Halal Tourism provides Sharia complaint travel destinations and services for Muslim Families. Many Muslim travelers would prefer to be in an environment that is sensitive to their culture such as no alcohol consumption, limits to gender mixing and availability of praying facilities etc.

This also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and network! You can find customers by uploading profiles on services such as air-bnb or listing with many Halal Travel agencies.

#2. Operating a Halal Child Care Service

With advances in women’s rights even in the Muslim world, Many Muslim 2 parent households have both parents in the work force these days. This means there should be a corresponding increase in the demand for child care services.

Muslim Parents may rather that their child’s is catered for in a halal daycare.

For you again, this may not require much initial capital and working from home is still a possibility unless you decide to run the service at a different location. Finding customers should not be that difficult as long as you direct your marketing appropriately, also word of mouth referrals will go along away and very soon, your problem may be having too many customers chasing you!

#3. Halal in-home Takeout

If cooking is your passion then it makes sense that you make money from it, lots of it! Takeout services is growing fast with many Muslims preferring a quality home cooked meal to buying what may or may not be halal meals at a restaurant. Not to mention, quality halal food is not the easiest to find, with many sacrificing quality in a very competitive market.

Running a take out from your home or a small kiosk outside your house is sure to attract your neighbors that do not have the time to cook etc and before you know it, you are in business!.

#4. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant industry has seen significant growth in recent years and has been a way of helping stay at home moms work from home. It is relatively cheap to start because all you need is a PC and a good internet connection to begin with. Investments for the purposes of file keeping and other office tools etc can come in later.

Virtual assistants mostly work as independent contractors and use technology to deliver services for clients all over the world.  They mostly work from their home offices.

There you have it, we hope this article has inspired you to seek out ways you can take advantage of the Muslim market. Please let us know if you have any more ideas!


Source : 4 Great Halal Business Ideas: They Will Inspire You Like They Did Me!.

Source: 4 Great Halal Business Ideas: They Will Inspire You Like They Did Me!

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