The Miracle of Alhamdulillah

In the previous article, I share that words in the Quran can be divided into 3 categories and that is Isim (Noun), Fi’il (Verb) and Jarr (Particle). How does knowing this simple fact helps you appreciate the Quran and its linguistic superiority above all other documents?

I can tell you that knowing this simple fact has increased my faith in the Quran and Allah ten fold. 

Analyzing Alhamdulillah

Let us take the word Alhamdulillah a phrase that we utter sometimes on a daily basis often time without thinking about the meaning. Let’s analyzed further, the word or more accurately the phrase Alhamdulillah means all praise and thanks is for Allah. It is not just a word it is phrase. A phrase is more than a word but less than a sentence.

The most important word in Alhamdulillah for this purpose is hamd which means thank and praise. Hamd means both praise and thanks combined into one word.  You can thank somebody without praising him and you can praise somebody without thanking him. But Allah is the Supreme being so hence the word hamd because He Allah deserves to be thanked and praised. As a Muslim, you are obligated to read Surah Al Fatihah in your 5 daily prayers which began with Alhamdulillah.  

I always had this nagging voice in my head, if Allah is one of the only true God why does he need us to be praise and thank him 17 times a day?

Coming from a Muslim majority country you don’t normally ask this kind of question, simply because the answer normally would come in a form of a sarcastic question. Like, Astaghfirullah! You don’t believe Allah deserves to be praised? What is wrong with your Iman? So you end up keeping those questions to yourself. 

Perfect Sense

When I began to study Quran Arabic, it all makes perfect sense. Every word in the Quran is either an Ism ( Noun), fi’il (verb) or harf (particle). Guess which category does the word hamd falls into? 

Hamd  is an Ism or noun and the nature of noun is timeless, it has no beginning or end. When we say Allhamdulillah meaning praise and gratitude is for Allah, what kind of praise and gratitude we are talking about?

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The type of praise and gratitude that has no beginning or end. It has always been there and will continue to be no matter what with or without you uttering it. 

Praise And Gratitude Belongs To Allah

Meaning praise and gratitude belongs to Allah always no matter what whether we acknowledge it or not. This is the opposite of fi’il or verb which has a time limit. is either in the past or present meaning it is temporary. The second thing about fi’il or verb there is always a doer for it to exist it can’t stand on its own. 

Consider this, for you and me to be praised it needs to come from somebody. We depend on others in order to be praised. But for Allah praised gratitude always belongs to him. The amazing thing is this is true factually and you have a problem believing that, it is demonstrated linguistically 

Simply because the word hamd is a noun. The nature of noun is omnipresent, that is, timeless and independent.  Whether you acknowledge or deny it, it will still be there. 

Look how powerful Alhamdulillah is: it is the first word in the Quran after Bismillah.

When we read Alhamdulillah we are actually declaring that the praise and thanks to Allah is, timeless and not dependent on anybody.

Image credit: Syed Ikhwan

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