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Islamic App to learn Quran Arabic Easily: Arabic Unlocked App

If you are in a leadership position you probably invest significant resources in your self-development, to stay ahead of the game. You’re probably reading Simon Sinek’s which presents common knowledge in an extraordinary way or listening to Gary Vee’s profane speech yet carries profound messages. There is nothing wrong with this, these are people who walk their talk. A quality that is admirable despite their lack of Adab. 

Yet if you are Muslims, you should filter the message from western Management Gurus with the message from the Quran. The only way to do that is to understand the message in the Quran in its original language. 

But it is not necessary to understand Arabic for you to be a good Muslim. But if you have a leadership position and one day will be judged about every single thing that you lead, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Would you run the risk of discovering that you understood the instruction wrong or listened to the wrong people? You can’t go back to correct your mistakes, or employ creative accounting, or bribe the auditors. You are guilty not because you are not a bad person, but because the Quran is not popular enough for you.

No time to learn Quran Arabic

Our society is so messed up that today we demand our teachers to teach us the way our ignorant mind can accept. If they fail to do that, they are not good teachers. Gone are the days where you have to prove that you are worthy of being a student. 

This gave rise to a lot of teachers that try their best to accommodate the lifestyle that we are shackled with such as by Ustadh Nouman Khan. The Quran Arabic courses on are designed in such a way that Ustadh Nouman Khan will take you by the hand and lead you every step of the way.

If there is an exercise to be done, he will do it with you, and if there is anything to be memorized, he will memorize it with you. Still, they are people who can’t finish a single course.

Arabic Unlocked course via a mobile app

At the same time, there are many courses out there that promise quick fixes, like understanding the 50% of the Quran in 5 minutes. One course that gives you such an impression is the Arabic Unlocked course by Assad Masud and Ahmed Khezem.

If you search anything about Quran Arabic, you can never miss their advertisement. Their ad retargeting was so aggressive that you would think anything marketed that heavily must be a scam.  

So I contacted Assad. He was kind enough to give me free access for me to review. When I got access I did not think much of it. All I wanted to see is their claim that you can understand 80% of the Quran by just memorizing 300 words. 

All the 300 words are there if counted according to their occurrence in the Quran it is just a little over 80% of the words in the Quran. Arabic Unlocked started out by selling e-book and then they developed the Arabic Unlocked app.

There is only one problem to learning Quran Arabic: our commitment. People used to say traditional Arabic teachers are not smart enough to respect our ignorance. Then came a new breed of Arabic teachers that try to make Arabic simple, like Ustadh Nouman Khan or Asif Meherali. 

Still many could not follow the program that they made simple, simply because we lack the one simple trait that separates us from successful people. What is it? It is none other than Istiqamah (being steadfast, consistent).

This is what is so amazing with the Arabic Unlocked app. It is designed in such a way that learning Arabic is addictive. It uses gamification to secure your commitment. It has points for every time you complete a quiz-like exercise and these points will be added up to your profile. 

There is a leaderboard that shows who got the top marks on a particular day, week, or month. So you would be rushing to complete every task, just to see that your name is on the leaderboard. 

This is truly a game-changer on how we learn Arabic. Because the gamification features will push you to not just complete the lessons, you will be competing with other students to get your name first to be visible on the leaderboard, then try to make your way up to the top.

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This feature is what keeps you going, harnessing the competitive nature in yourself.

Super App for learning Quranic Arabic

Understanding 80% of the Quran is the selling point used to market the app, but it is only a small part of the app. The app is actually a whole ecosystem to master Arabic and Islam 

It is divided into 7 categories 

Learning words in the Quran, Arabic Unlocked app. Image credit: Arabic Unlocked

Arabic letters

This section contains 13 lessons complete with video lessons, audio pronunciation, and a quiz to make sure you understand and can identify the letters. This is useful for people who want to learn how to read Arabic.

World Builder

This is for vocabulary building, basically, it is about nouns, people, places, time, animals, buildings, etc. The beauty of this section is it is divided into 4 more sections for every word there is 4 stages for you to go through and they are, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. So each of the words is drilled 4 times so it would stick to your memory

Quranic words

This is the most important part to give you some quick wins, the 300 most common words in the Quran, you will go through the same drilling process reading, writing, listening, and speaking. On top of that, there is the word of the day section which explains the meaning of a word in the Quranic context, with its application in the Quran. This will help you improve your relationship with the Quran exponentially. 

Basic Sentence 1 & 2

This is a section on building simple sentences but it is complete with writing exercises. What this section reminds me of is, the famous Madinah Arabic, taught by Brother Asif Meera Ali. In that course, Brother Asif insists that we must write so we will master the language. The only difference Arabic Unlocked takes far less time,

Everyday Arabic

This is, of course, the everyday Fusha Arabic, it is conversational Arabic that you’ll need at the Airport, Taxi Station, Hotel, Bank, Restaurant, and much more. Of course, everything will be drilled into your mind, with reading, listening speaking, and writing exercises.

Prophet Stories

You also have the opportunity to listen to stories of the Prophet in Arabic in video format. After each story, you have the chance to reconstruct the story by arranging the words in the story that you heard. Basically, it is to train you to tell a story. All this and much more are tied to the gamification factor

The Arabic Unlocked app is actually like a whole Arabic Academy that has many Arabic courses in a single app. Considering the value that it gives the app is reasonably priced. The latest price is GBP 9.99 per month, this is slightly higher than what is charging or Suhaib Webb Institute of Sacred Sciences.  But if you opt for the annual subscription it is only 58.99 it is way cheaper than the rest.

We do not earn any commission from reviewing this app.

To conclude, the Arabic Unlocked app is a great way to learn Arabic consistently and easily and takes you a step closer to understanding the Quran in its original form.

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