After 600 years The Call to Prayer (Azan) is heard again in Al Hambra Palace

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A man has made a call to prayer in Al Hambra palace in Granada, Spain. The video was uploaded by the man in self and it has become viral within the Muslim netizen community.

A Brief History

The palace s a major tourist attraction in Spain and is a UNESCO Heritage site. It was built in 1292 by a Muslim emir who ruled over southern Spain and by 1333, it was converted into a royal palace by the Sultan of Granada.

When the Spanish Christian rulers reconquered Spain in 1492, the drove out the Muslims and used the Alhambra palace as their official palace. Since then and to this present day, the palace has never accommodated any Muslim prayers.

Who’s The Caller?

The man who made the Azean has made it publicly his Facebook account. His name is Mouaz An-Nass and is said to be originally from Syria. He is a writer/singer and he went to Granada as a tourist.

He is said to make the call to prayer as he felt that it was too long ago since such a call was made in the Alhambra palace.

The video that has been made viral on many social media accounts.

Beautiful athan 😍💖

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Can You Make The Call To Prayer?

If you intend to do the same in the tourist sites of Southern Spain where Muslims once ruled over, think again. Most places have strict rules forbidding acts of worship of any kind. Some have even staffs who supervise over the conducts of tourists and would not think twice to remove visitors who disregard their rules.

This is not a surprise given that their they hold on to their Christian heritage and would not welcome back a Muslim rule over their land.

Nonetheless, I myself have seen some Muslim tourists who have made a 2 rakaah prayers in Mezquita of CĂłrdoba, Spain while the staffs were occupied with other tasks. This was around ten years ago when I made the trip to visit the Muslim heritage of Spain.

What Else Can You Do ?

Other than the usual tourist activities of visiting interesting locations and shopping, you could also visit halal restaurants around the areas. This would serve a 2-fold purpose: ensuring you eat halal even when travelling and supporting the local Muslim community with their businesses.

More importantly, the Muslims of Seville, Spain are raising funds to build a masjid and a community center for its Muslim population, at around 25,000 people.  Details can be found on their instagram account.

DON'T DELAY IN GIVING CHARITY JANGAN TANGGUH UNTUK MEMBUAT AMAL KEBAIKAN Musolla ini hanya boleh memuatkan 300 jemaah. Tetapi Muslim di Seville seramai 25 ribu orang. Dengan sebab itu mereka amat memerlukan sebuah masjid dan tempat yang lebih selesa untuk aktiviti kemasyarakatan dan keagamaan. . This musolla can only accommodate 300 pilgrims. But Muslims in Seville are about 25 thousand. That is why they need a mosque and a more convenient place for community and religious activities. . You can watch the full Episode 15 on our YouTube channel. . LETS SHARE! LETS SPREAD! — . Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel — Please visit our website — Link to YouTube video on @atileforseville bio. Enjoy and Share! — A Tile For Seville is a worldwide crowdfunding campaign. An initiative from the Malaysia’s NGO @ukhwah4ummah in collaboration with @mezquitasevilla & @actforhumanity (ACT), to raise funds and awareness for the building of a Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Seville, Spain. . In 2016 U4U gathered four celebrities from Malaysia to feature on the first ATFS campaign, which was a great success and had a very positive impact globally. In 2017 U4U developed the second campaign, this time with 7 icons, from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. . 3 Nations, 7 Icons & 1 Mission. With this campaign we hope to gather and unite Muslim hearts from all over the world to support us in this noble cause. And to show through the eyes and amazing hearts of these icons, the need and desire of the Muslims of Seville for a dignified place of worship, action, and service. . In this campaign we are blessed and honoured to have the presence and support of these amazing 7 ICONS; @faizal_tahir @irmahasmie @suffianamrin & @farahasyikin.fa from Malaysia ; @okisetianadewi & @dewisandra from Indonesia and @elfaezaulhaq Singapore. This campaign is one of the many initiatives and actions that are being taken for this end. The project is open for Governments, institutions, NGO or individuals to join in and help us make this project a reality!

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