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Five Tools To Learn Quran Online

Learning the Holy Quran is an essential task for all Muslims. But it turns out that due to lack of time or busy schedule, many people do not learn well or forget even if they have learned before. It is a very common problem. However, there is no reason to worry about this problem because you can now learn Quran online.

Nowadays, online has become an excellent medium for learning the Holy Quran. But still, it is seen that many people do not have a good site or apps or tools to learn Quran online well. With that in mind, we will highlight some of the apps that will help you learn the Quran well enough. So let’s get started with it.

1. iQuran Lite

You can read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation. This great app provides you with the full Quran as well as its complete English translation along with a complete set of audio recitation files.

An audio recitation is a handy tool in terms of learning for a beginner. iQuran is an app that offers you verse by verse audio playback, color-coded Tajweed rules, excellent navigational controls, repeat functions, bookmarks, tags, search, and side-by-side English translation, audio recitation and much more. Apart from offering a great user experience, the free version of iQuran has some limitations also. It has one English translation; it’s search results are limited to 20 per search. Other features:

* Full Landscape supported

* Color-coded Tajweed rules for the last paragraph

* Highest 5 bookmarks and 3 Tags.

It provides us the option to playback of group verses with potent audio control. It will help you to memorize, and it has no expiry date. We can get other features fully enable. It has been designed to work on all devices.

As a Muslim, it means to surrender yourself to Allah, to walk in this world according to the word of Allah. The book, which contains the names of Allah, is the Quran. So the importance of teaching the Qur’an as a Muslim is immense. And one of the applications that are currently available online for easy learning of the Qur’an, iQuran Lite, is a beautiful one that has been arranged to teach the Qur’an very neatly.

2. myQuran

myQuran is an application that is your universal assistant. This app helps you to get the proper benefit from reading and listening to the Holy Quran. You will get this app always at your fingertips, no matter wherever you are. You can also listen to the best reciting of the Quran by using this app.


● The original text of the Quran and translation to main languages;

● Tafsir – interpretation of the Quran al-Saad (only Russian language);

● Detailed information for each surah;

● Simple and user-friendly interface;

● Ability to adjust font size;

● Interface localized to main languages;

● Ability to search surah by number or title;

● Extended search for ayahs;

● Ability to add ayahs to favorites;

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● Ability to set bookmark;

● Functional audio player;

● Ability to change recitation;

● Ability to cache audio files and to clean the cache;

● Ability to share ayahs using mail, message, Facebook, Twitter, VK, and WhatsApp.

3. Quran Plus

Quran Plus allows you to study the Holy Quran’s translation word by word, thus enhancing your knowledge of the Holy Quran. It’s easy to navigate and allows various options, including:

Different surah, a talk by word view, and verse by verse view will enable one to study the main themes of the Quran. This app will allow you to match any Arabic reciter with English translation or Urdu one. Also, Hifz mode makes it easy to memorize hifz. If you record your audio, your voice will be synced with the Holy Quran. Quran Plus is available for every device.

Hopefully, this app will enhance your online Quran learning experience. You may use them anywhere because this app will act as an online Quran school by providing you options to listen to the Holy Quran, in-depth study of the Holy Quran, or only recitation of the Holy Quran.

4. Quran Memorizer

This app helps you memorizing the Quran quickly and easily through our intuitive and user-friendly app. It is a concept that is based on memorization by repetition. Users can choose just the section to learn and listen to it frequently. Quran Memorizer brings the idea of memorizing the Quran by listening to selected ayah and listening in the voice of worldwide popular arise.

We know very well that memorization can be done if we try to memorize it repeatedly. If you look at the same part frequently, it will go to your head very well. In that case, you will get additional benefits when you recite it later. Since the recitation of the wise man has been memorized, there is minimal risk of making a mistake in the recital. In this way, with the help of this app, we can learn the Qur’an in a lovely way.

Main Features

  • Selecting a range of ayahs for memorization.
  • Repeat the chosen field of an ayah.
  • Keep track of memorized ayah.
  • A single app can keep track of multiple users progress
  • No ads.

The best thing about this app is, it’s ad-free. So you can track your development in memorizing the ayah very comfortably. It is a handy app for absolute beginners. So those who have no idea how to start can start with this app. It is designed to help beginners. As a Muslim, we should try our best to teach the Qur’an purely with the help of modern technology. Every one of us has a smartphone nowadays. We can use this app in every kind of device to learn Quran online.

5.Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed is a great app that acts as an online Quran school by providing a good collection of reciters, a comprehensive search option to search for any root word or verse easily, translation of the Holy Quran in different languages. It has some great features. It provides the translation in 45 various styles, which makes Quran learning experience of learning the Holy Quran very understandable and accessible.

Easy to zoom in/out an option to better view the holy Quran, Hifz controls, which allow you to control the repetition of any particular verse and speed recitation controls.

It will enable you to use this Quran learning app in airplane mode.

The search option will allow us to search for any verse, root word, or even any text from the English translation. By considering so many features, we can surely say that this is a great app to learn the Holy Quran.

Final Thoughts

Now learning the Holy Quran is not a difficult task. If you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can easily learn online. We discuss in this article 5 most amazing tools to learn Quran online. These tools or apps will be enough for you to learn Quran. Hopefully, this small effort of ours will be much helpful for all of you.

Halalop Editor: We’ve also identified ten mobile Islamic apps for you to use for every occasion in this article. You can also consider switching technology to Muslim or Islamic friendly tech. We’ve listed ten of the technologies in this article.

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