Mobile App Makes Learning Islam Easier By Bringing Tutors To Homes

Have you ever wished that your child has the Islamic private tutor to enable him or her to study Islamic studies better? Or even for yourself, if you’re too shy to study in public? 

This new app is designed to help people achieve just that – have a private Islamic tutor in the comfort of one’s home. Built for parents to seek Islamic tutors for their children, or for people of all backgrounds, Muslims and non-Muslims, have a private home-based Islamic education tutor, this app has the full function of a marketplace for Islamic tutors complete with a payment system.

Inspiration From A Dearly Departed

We spoke with Ms. Nabeela Raza, the CEO of Teach Me Islam app, where she disclosed that the inspiration for the app came about from her sister who passed away six years ago.

“I had gone through a life journey experience of losing a sister around six years ago now. She passed away at the age of 34. It was her passion, which I also shared, that is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through Islamic education.”

“I’m doing this platform of Teach Me Islam app as a sadaqah jariya for my sister, and Inshaallah, for everybody else involved, they also get a share of that.”

Safety Standards Are Key App Features

Safety is an important aspect of an app that invites strangers into their homes. All tutors are vetted with a disclosure and barring (DBS) check, which is a background screening check available in the UK. In addition, they also do video interviews with the tutors to check for their Islamic education qualification. Only after both are approved, will then the tutors be able to receive bookings for their lessons. The app also has set a curriculum for tutors to follow in their lessons.  

The app is currently available in the UK only. 30 over tutors have started tutoring in the London area, and 60 more have signed up other English cities. Nabeela Raza, as CEO of the Teach Me Islam app, has indicated that they intend to roll out the app worldwide in the foreseeable future. 

From Basic,To Tajweed And Tafseer

Customers can choose between three low-cost programs, basic, to tajweed to tafseer. Basic courses are for children and people who are new to Islam. The tajweed course is for those who want to learn how to read the Quran properly and the tafseer is for those who want to understand the Quran better. 

Opportunity to Earn Additional Income

Teach Me Islam app provides the opportunity for Islamic educators to earn extra income by being home tutors. Tutors can also earn additional income by recruiting more customers, and more tutors. Customers, whether as parents or as students, can also earn more by recruiting others to join the app.  

Put Your Trust In Allah And Make It Happen

On working towards success for the Teach Me Islam app, Nabeela said, 

“You trust in Allah and you do everything in your willpower to make it happen.  It’s not the incidence of that, ‘ok, I’ve prayed for it, I’ve got that basic conviction that doors are going to open. But if you’re not physically getting up to open that door, that won’t make sense.”

For those who aspire to pursue their dreams, such as by being entrepreneurs, she advised, 

“Definitely go for it, with perseverance, drive and passion, and trust in Allah. Doors will open for you that you might not even see possible. Once you put yourself out there, you will then be able to come into contact and connect with certain individuals that will help you go forward.”

To support their work,  if you’re based in the UK, check out the Teach Me Islam App which is available both on Android and iOS, and for people in the rest of the world, try to follow their social media. 


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