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Omar Hana Cartoon Creators Launch Streaming Service for Muslim kids

The creators of the popular Islamic carton series, Omar and Hana, have now launched its global streaming service for Muslim children, called Durioo+. The subscription-based platform aims to provide high quality and entertaining Islamic content for Muslim children across the globe.

A Disney Plus Alternative for Muslim Kids

Muslim parents seeking to find Disney Plus alternative for their Muslim children can now get suitable Islamic content that are filled with Islamic values and also entertaining for the children. Durioo+ aims to be an alternative to Netflix or Disney+ for Muslim children with entertaining Islamic shows that align with Islamic values.

A Variety of Muslim Cartoon Shows for Toddlers and 9 year olds

Amongst them already launched are cartoon series Mina Mila and Little Ammar series, Abibi, The Challengers as well as various nursery rhymes and entertaining educational shows targeted for the young Muslim audience. For instance, Little Ammar can be likened to a Cocomelon alternative for Muslim kids suitable for the age range 0 to 4 years. Cartoon Shows for 5 to 9 year olds include Mina Mila, Zehni, Polytako as well as in person shows such as Abibi, and Stories of the Prophet.

Durioo create in house animation as well as co-produce and license high quality Islamic cartoons and shows.

Islamic Content – Safe Entertainment for Kids

While there are Islamic cartoons available on YouTube, the shows are not entertaining enough for them, so they don’t watch much.  Durioo+ is a safe platform for Muslim children. Parents are assured that non-Islamic culture, such as celebrating Halloween, are not in the cartoon shows or in person shows..

The Islamic kids streaming platform is also supported by Muslim scholar, most notably Mufti Menck and Muslim parents.

Islamic Online Streaming Service

In conjunction with its launch, Durioo+ subscribers can enjoy over 100 episodes of animation series and live action shows, which are rooted in Islamic values and virtues. Durioo also plans to feature 30 new content every week, giving users more variety of content to look out for. The company will introduce over 12 brand new shows under Durioo Originals.

Durioo+ is available for online streaming at, or for easier access, users can also download the Durioo+ mobile application which is available on both iOS app store and Android play store app, including Apple TV and Android TV.

Empower Muslim Content Creators

According to Durioo founder, Sinan Ismail, “Our dream is to provide a safe platform that helps build a strong Islamic foundation for our viewers through educational content that teach about the basic values and virtues in Islam, in a fun, engaging and relatable way.”

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Sinan started as a cofounder of Digital Durian, an animation company in Malaysia, that have produced successful pre-school animation series such as Didi & Friends, and Islamic cartoon series, Omar & Hana that have garnered over 7 billion YouTube views, as well as broadcasted locally on Malaysian TV networks.

Durioo was started last year by Sinan Ismail ,when the idea for Durioo+ came about because the hugely popular Omar and Hana cartoon series could not be sold to many broadcasters, which then limits the creators’ ability to create more content. Most of the team members of Durioo have worked at Digital Durian.

Thus, in the future Durioo+ intends to enable Muslim content creators to use their platform to stream their shows that will create an impact to society.

Durioo has obtained pre-seed funding from US-based Y Combinator, UAE-based Falcon Network, UK-based Qadr Financial Network, among others, and are currently preparing for the next round of funding.

According to Sinan, “We need to create more Islamic content, to make it more accessible, informative, and entertaining, without bias, and easily digestible in every culture”.

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