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5 Netflix Alternatives for Muslims to Watch Halal TV Shows – Halal Media

The modern home is not complete without a television at the center of family entertainment. Finding Halal TV Shows for Muslim families is becoming an uphill battle since the widespread availability of online streaming services. To find Muslim streaming services, as an alternative to Netflix, that provide Halal TV shows can be hard, if you don’t know where to start. In this article, we list Muslim streaming services suitable for the Muslim homes.

Over the course of time, Western media is well known for advocating values different than those we practice in the Muslim world, sometimes subtly while in other cases, openly. Here are the most important reasons Netflix can be an indecency in the Muslim household system.

Why Netflix Can Be Bad for Muslims?

Despite the fact that the whole world lauds the brand for its enormity, it is true that Netflix certainly does not meet the criteria of halal media or good family content. Although Netflix has acquired much religious and cultural content from all around the world, it only makes a small part of the larger portion that it streams. Hence, making it a non-Islamic oriented streaming platform.

Netflix shows are notorious for their wrong portrayal of other cultures and beliefs. The company has created thousands of controversies through its misrepresentations of other cultures via its shows. An adult can filter these kinds of subtle misrepresentations and controversies but a young mind can be misled through these.

In a modern Muslim household, having Netflix around youngsters can cast devastating impacts on the young developing minds. In other words, the false representation of a Muslim culture may seem legit and halal to your minors. Parents who are more concerned about the upbringing of their kids may want to keep them from the indecencies of Netflix.

Not to forget that in most shows, Netflix has represented Muslims as violent. The concept threatens the very basic idea of Islam. We Muslims know that Quran and Shariah teach us peace and understanding of even those who oppose us. Netflix’s representation of Muslims, their culture, and norms are enough to build a case that how the streaming platform is insinuating Islamophobia in a subtle way.

Is Netflix Haram? Or Halal to Watch?

Netflix produces content mainly aspire by Westerners and their so-called pop culture. A Muslim must be aware of the fact that in Islam, the Halal and Haram govern every aspect of our lives and some of the streaming Western dramas and movies do not align with Islamic morals. A few major red flags for us Muslims, watching Netflix, are language, clothing of, especially, a female character, as well as male characters in shows, and other inappropriate scenes of intimacy.

Everything that is shown in these shows is considered the Westerners’ norms but compared to the teachings of Islam, they fall short in modesty and respect. These factors openly defy the teachings of Islam. In other words, if Islam teaches us to dress modestly, Netflix promotes revealing cloth as emerging fashion.

Where Islam tells us to be more respectful and humble in our speech, Netflix promotes explicit vulgarity of language and speech. The music collection used in Netflix is also a major concern for the integrity of modern Muslim households. A Muslim household must be built on the true essence of Islam. It must not only practice the Divine teachings but also actively make an effort to protect these practices from those who attack them.

Now that we have a clear idea of how streaming platforms like Netflix and many others are more indecent than they seem, the question is, What are the alternatives to these platforms? Are there any Muslim streaming platforms that provide entertainment and Islamic teaching at the same time? Fortunately, the answer is, Yes!

Halal TV Shows with Muslim Netflix – The Alternatives for Muslims in the Modern Muslim Homes

Given that emerging technological trend, one can not deny or underestimate the importance of technology, social media, and surely of these streaming platforms. In competition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and other non-Islamic streaming platforms, the Muslim world has created its own video-on-demand streaming platforms. These platforms are the result of the long hard work backed up by the vision of promoting Islamic teachings to youths and adults alike. They provide you with a modest content pack that offers entertainment, knowledge, and guidance all in one place.

Alternatives to Netflix for Muslims

Here is the list of top Muslim streaming platforms that are best fits your all needs for family content.

1) Alchemiya

Alchemiya is a top-rated streaming platform based out of Britain. It can fulfill all the needs of your modern Muslim home. The platform has versatile content that caters to your every modern content criteria all while staying within Islamic boundaries. Alchemiya is also considered as the “Muslim Netflix”. The platform offers a wide range of creative and powerful content from Muslim creators.

According to Alchemiya, their vision is to not only prove the stereotypes about Muslims wrong but to provide the world with a better idea of Islamic communities and how they have different sets of standards from that of western values. People who only seek information from such content created by non-Muslim industry would only perceive Muslims wrongly because neither the executive producer nor the viewer is aware of the true essence of Islam.

Alchemiya streams most of the content in the English language. Along with acquiring content from other Muslim countries, Alchemiya also has its own production house to create Islamic content which included many Islamic films, short films, documentaries, and TV programs. You can easily access the platform through a web browser by logging in to the website. It also offers its service through its own mobile app on both Google Store and App Store.

2) Durioo +

When it comes down to little ones, people need extra care for the young ones both physically and psychologically. As explained earlier, the type of content being streamed on Netflix and other non-Muslim platforms is already packed with subtle sinfulness that a child can not filter as wrong or right.

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Durioo+ is an animation platform that creates cartoon stories based on Islamic morals. It is a fun way for your kid to learn and explore different aspects of Islam. The content serves to entertain the kids with catchy story lines while educating them about the basics of Islam at the same time. Apart from cartoons, Durioo+ also produces realistic game shows for kids that help the child develop a curious and thinking mind about the things and circumstances around them. It offers its shows in the English language.

Durioo+ offers an ad-less experience for your child. It claims that there is no content on the platform that does not align with Shariah’s rules. You can access your membership through Smart TV, Android, and IOS devices. It allows you to access your membership from three different devices at the same time.

3) MuslimKids.TV

The best way to educate young minds is the fun way that they love. MulimKids.Tv is designed to help your kid get grip on moral teachings with help of fun animations and other easy-to-use resources. The platform is built around one simple idea, to educate youngsters in a way that they find interactive. On subscription, you will get access to multiple resources including Islamic videos, fun games, and eBooks that are specially designed to make your child fall in love with education and learning. It offers all its resources in English and people from around the world can access them through different means.

You can access resources on IoS, Android, Smart TV including Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, television, and Android Tv. It also supports the Chromecast if you do not have any of the mentioned devices.


USHUB shares most of its vision with that of Alchemiya. The similarity in both these platforms is that each one of them was designed to stream the true essence of Islam. USHUB has made efforts to correct every notion about Islam, Muslims, and their lifestyle. These efforts have come a long way from where they started. USHUB hosts hundreds & thousands of shows which are oriented towards knowledge. These shows help viewers uncover those propaganda fed by anti-Islam media about Muslims.

The platform streams Flicks, Series, Documentaries, and countless knowledgeable shows mainly in the English language to let the outside world experience the true nature of Islam. The membership allows you to access all the religious content for adults and kids under one umbrella. One subscription and your whole family can get content built around their personal preferences. Kids get to enjoy Islamic videos and fun animation that only helps them build a better understanding of their faith.

USHUB gives you the freedom of using its service from any device you have or any device you prefer. The service is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV. You can also watch it on iPhone via the app available in App Store or on android in Google Play Store.

5) Nurflix

While talking about all the other Islamic streaming services, we can neither ignore nor undermine the importance of a Malaysian-based service called “Nurflix”. The platform was created in February 2020 has gained quite a fame and recognition in Malaysia and most of the southeast Asian market. Like other Muslim streaming brands, Nurflix also creates content that is family compatible while keeping the collection in line with Islamic values.

According to the statement from the platform’s Board of Directors, Nurflix aims to establish its services in the Middle East and European region too. In an effort to do so, the content is mainly translated into 5 major languages for the user across South East Asia. You can watch the content in Arabic, Indonesian, Mandarin, Tamil and English languages.

The content is 100% Shariah-compliant. The core values around which the content is created come from Islamic teachings. The content itself mainly consists of films, short series, dramas, Islamic shows, and many more.

Nurflix is available to the South East Asian Countries on web browsers. You can also access it on your phone by downloading the Nurflix app on Android or App Store.


All the platforms mentioned in the list give quality content to watch with your family. These platforms and the content comes from Muslim creators that understand and share the same school of thought with that as yours. Whether you looking for content for your kids or your entire family to spend some quality time at the end of your hectic day, the Muslim streaming service has got you all covered.

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