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Muharram Should Be A Tipping Point In Your Life

Awal Muharram is something that we don’t give much thought to. For those who are spiritually conscious, this is the time they would argue whether they should read the new year supplication or is it a bid’ah to do so. You can see this on social media where Muslims accuse one another, deviant, Wahabi and all sorts of names.

I am not a scholar I am a student of Islam at best. So when I went and look up what are the events in history that happen on Muharram.  The first day of Muharram is only getting a new calendar, but it’s more getting a new diary. It is really about the dawn of a new era where Allah intervene and divert Muslims on the path of greatness.  Muharram after all is the first month of the Hijri year, an Islamic year.

The Tipping Point

The Hijri calendar marks the beginning of a new era, where Muslims, It is when the Prophet s.a.w. migrated to Madinah. It was the turning point of transformation from being persecuted to founding their very own state. Everything changed since then, the tone of the Quran: Makki surah to Madani surah

The relationship with the disbelievers is more defined. The tipping point took Islam across the globe from the Middle East to the East and West and beyond.  

Nothing Is Impossible If You Have Faith

The month of Muharram also is the time when Allah gave us a lesson that nothing is impossible with His help. When Musa and his people were in a situation, where there is no way out. His followers said something that they are finished and done for. But Musa confidently said No Surely My Rabb is with me. It was then that the Red sea split into two. You know the rest of the story.

So the month of Muharram is a reminder that no matter what our trouble is, be it, COVID 19 or losing a job, Allah has the solution, and Allah’s solution is always unimaginable to the human mind but the best of all solutions.

A Clean Slate

A new year is a way that we fool ourselves that we can somehow miraculously able to strike off our resolution this year. Even when we keep making the same resolution for the last 10 consecutive years. The sooner you realize that you can’t accomplish anything without Allah’s help the better it is for you.

To invite Allah’s help into your life you first must get off your high horse whether you are CEO or King and get down on your knees and repent. Why? There are scientific proofs now that linked transformation with repentance. What does this, got to do with the month of Muharram. The month of Muharram is when Allah accepted the repentance of Adam Alaihi Salam.  Repentance is like a super cleaner that cleansed and unclogged your connection with Allah and lubricates the flow of your rizq.

Apart from that, there are many, events that give relief and put Allah’s chosen people i.e the Anbiya on the path to success but it all began in Muharram:

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  • Prophet Yunus was freed from the belly of the whale in Muharram, releasing him to perform the role Allah has chosen for him.
  • Prophet Ayyub was healed from his disease.
  • Nuh landed with his Ark. Ibrahim was protected from the fire set by King Namrud to kill him.
  • There are many more, miracles that happen to save the servant of Allah in the month of Muharram.

It is saved to say that Muharram is a month of miracles to help those who have faith in Allah. It is a time where we are reminded that if we have faith in Allah no matter what our problem is, Allah will miraculously take us out of it. InshaAllah.

Anybody got an issue with Yusuf Qadhi, don’t bother watching this video

We stop believing in miracles a long time ago. Now if a miracle happens, we demand empirical or scientific evidence. At the very least we would downplay it as a coincidence. This is because even though stand in the direction of the Kaa’ba five times a day. As soon as we finished our hasty and mindless salah, our Qiblah is the West. Our minds are imprisoned in secular thinking. 

Now we have Muslims who  Noble Laureate, philanthropist, and scientist but our minds are trapped in a secular thinking dungeon. So let’s hope Allah will send a miracle that free us from this secular culture only then we can truly see who we are. We need to set our own standards and framework.

Let’s hope that Allah will send a miracle to make us realized that we have the resources and talents to revive the Islamic golden age again. InshaAllah 

Editor’s Note: Let’s read about other significant events on the Islamic calendar: Isra’ Mikraj

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