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Reviving The Quran Generation

There used to be a time when Muslims attains GREAT heights because they love the Quran, This opens up a path of divine guidance. Status Quo always conjures a negative connotation. What do you mean by the status quo? It’s not a situation where a select group of people dominate over the rest, like in the world we live in today. 

What we are referring to as the status quo is a point in time when Islam was a refuge to people who think differently. A place where the Quran acts as a catalyst to unparalleled discoveries. 

A time when innovation flourished and celebrated, a  time when justice is upheld even at the expense of your own personal interest.  

Whether you are running a company, or country, you are leading a group of followers towards a direction. You can only do this if you have conviction in the principles and the blueprint that guide you. You are probably using the best practice in the industry, reading top management journals that are owned and created by people who are accomplished in their field. 

These are people who or disbelievers in Allah or at the very least have been conditioned to think that religion is a hindrance to progress. The plague by the historical memory of the Christian Experience which led to the rise of secularism. 

You can be a God fearing man, probably wake up for Tahajudd every night, fasting on monday and thursday and the works. However, the system that we have in this world from finance, to agriculture is pioneered by secularists. 

Every discovery, every accomplishment is devoid of spirituality. In fact the whole point of secularism is to keep God out of the picture.  This is going to affect your success in the hereafter. Because when you remove religion and the creator from the picture, it is going to impact your decisions and actions. It makes 3 things that should be a priority in your mind and moved them to the backseat.

Secular version of Allah

In a religious society, Allah is at the centre of that society. I will give an example, here in Malaysia, every public event (sanctioned by the government) would start with Dua invocation to Allah for blessings. What happens after that is another story but, Allah is put first. Every few hours you’ll hear the Azan. Whether the ritual is from the Sunnah or not it is a separate issue. The point is the remembrance of Allah is present even no matter who the VIP is. 

In a secular system, God is kept out of the picture. Even if you want to perform your Salah you are told to do it at the bottom of the staircase. This way you would not make people feel uncomfortable. 

When you remove Allah from the picture the focus has to go to the next big thing which is the universe and the study of the universe. There is no blessing in studying the creation while refusing to acknowledge the creator. 

Many say this is  absurd because the West has achieved many great things. So much so if you are an expat with a British or American passport, you’ll receive better treatment than the same talent from India or Pakistan. Let’s look at the Quran and what it says about this. I stumbled upon a verse in Surah Al-lail. 

Every achievement that they made, they have to forked out at least double the effort, time and money. Because Allah makes easy the path of hardship to them because they deny the existence of Allah.In essence we are following the path of people that Allah has promised to make things hard for them. 

Spirituality is replace by Secular Psychology

In a religious society the most important organ is our hearts, not the heart we tend to clog by overeating, but the spiritual heart. In secular culture, there is no such thing, they replace the function of this heart that will determine whether you are good or evil with something else. It is psychology. 

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Psychology is not a bad thing, but it has been used to justify crimes. A thief instead of going to prison for stealing is sent to a hospital, if his lawyers can prove that he is a kleptomaniac.  Every problem can be explained as chemical imbalances in the human body.  

And every problem can be solved by swallowing a pill. So we no longer seek to know our hearts and tame it and fill it with the remembrance of Allah. The purity of the hearts is just regarded as ‘Sufi talk’. The most important organ that determines our success in this world and the hereafter is ignored. Things which are the domain of the spiritual heart like, Khusu, remembrance and purity are alien to us now.  

Hereafter Replace by The Secular World

In Islam from the time we wake up there is a supplication for everything, going to the bathroom, driving to work and etc. All this supplication, if we analyse psychologically, aims to do one thing, Take the supplication before eating at the end of it we seek protection from the hell fire. 

What does hell have to do with your lunch? The one thing these supplications are instilling in our genetic makeup is the connection with the hereafter. Because that is the most important place, once you are there is no turning back, practice run or even repentence. You are  constantly connected to the hereafter. 

In a secular culture these things do not exist so all the focus goes to this world. The whole political system, education shifted to this world. You forgot, about the hereafter or don’t really care about the hereafter at the very best, we will take our chances. 

These are 3 things that will happen when we take our knowledge and try to model after people who are blinded by the secular system. 

What is the solution then? We can just go off grid like doomsday preppers because we are not talking about just technology, here. It involves a whole myriad and facets or sectors, the financial system, trading, and a bunch of other sectors that are dominated and guided by secularists. 

The way forward

We should start to build our own system, whatever system that we want to put in place it has to be guided by the Quran. It should be the guiding light, every system that we want to put in place has to be crossed check with the Quran. 

We need to desecularist our education system  where we stuck in either our outcome. Our children are either Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers or Ustaz, hafiz or Imams. Our children needs to be hafiz and coders, engineers, or doctors at the same time.

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