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The 5 Steps to Mastering the language of the Quran

The second biggest trick that the Devil ever pulled off was convincing people that the Quran is difficult to learn. Allah promised that the Quran is easy to understand and memorize. So in this article, we are going to look at how to learn the Quran systematically.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by so many branches of knowledge that stem out from the Quran. Fiqh, Aqeedah, Tafseer just to name a few. We are in a state of confusion, about how should we start, should we study tajweed first or Tafseer? Or should we start with Nahw or Sarf? Here is some option that you should consider. I am not saying that it is the only way, but for me, it has been the path of least resistance.

Learning to read

The first word that was revealed was Iqra which is read. So the first thing you need to do is to know how to read the Quran. There is a lot of method of learning to read from Nuraniyah, Al Baghdadi, Iqra, and many more.

Our lack of patience also has given birth to many other methods promising maximum benefit with the least amount of effort. Whatever the promise is reading requires a lot of practice. So whatever method you opt for, you should commit to reading 2 pages a day. Over the course of time, you’ll be able to part 

Is Tajweed Necessary?

After you know how to read which can be done in as little as 10 days, you need to concentrate on your pronunciation. That’s where Tajweed comes in the purpose of tajweed is to keep you from making mistakes in reciting the Quran. If you want to study classical Arabic i.e Quranic Arabic tajweed is not essential. You can have perfect Tajweed but don’t know what Qalqalah or Idgham means. 

And you can know all the terminology of tajweed but still make mistakes in your recitation. It is a branch of knowledge that requires practice and once you got it you move on. You don’t need to spend 40 years of your life on it. Unless you aspire to lead the Salah in Masjidil Haram, you don’t need to reach the standard of a Qari before you learn Arabic. 

Learn Arabic

Then you should learn Arabic. There are three types of Arabic out there, Street, Fusha (Standard), and Classical Arabic. You would want to learn, classical Arabic if you want to understand the Quran. Fusha if you want to work for Al Jazeera Arabic. Street Arabic is if you recruited by Mossad to spy on innocent Muslims in the middle east. 

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Understanding Nahw

As for classical Arabic you would normally start with Nahw which is the study of Nouns in the Quran. Ibnu Khaldun said “The most important of the sciences associated with the Arabic language is نحو, for without it no communication can exist” Nahw is like the gate to a beautiful garden. You must first unlock the gate to get into the garden. 

Understanding Sarf

If Nahw deals mostly with nouns the study of Sarf deals with verbs in the Quran. The study of Sarf is like opening a tap. You just put a little effort to twist it open and the water comes gushing out non-stop. It is vocabulary on steroids, you can just take one word and transform it into many other words. It shrinks the need for you to memorized different vocabulary in the Quran.


Balagha is the knowledge that gives a blind man a perfect 2020 high definition and full-color vision. You no longer concern yourself with translation or pronunciation. You in a totally different ballgame now. You will be able to look at an Ayah and look at the artistic and linguistic beauty of it. Balagha is not possible if you don’t know Nahw and Sarf.

So that is 5 steps to mastering the Quran that every Muslim should have no excuse to learn. No matter how busy their lifestyle is

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