Muslima Doctor Face of UK National Health Service For 72nd Anniversary

British-Bangladeshi doctor, Dr. Farzana Hussain, is one of the faces of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) billboard as part of its advertising campaign for its 72nd anniversary.

Marking NHS’s 72nd Anniversary

As a tribute to the medical frontliners who fight against Covid-19, famed British portrait and fashion photographer, Rankin, has photographed twelve professionals in the health industry: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospital porter. The photographs can be seen in billboards around the UK to mark NHS’s 72nd anniversary.

All portraits are being donated by Rankin to the NHS and advertising space to display the portraits has also been donated free of charge.

Doctor of The Year

In 2019, Dr. Farzana Hussain won a General Practice Awards in London for her work at Project Surgery in Newham where she was one of the only general practitioners (GPs) in Newham to share GP records with a community pharmacist to enable safe joint working in the area’s latent tuberculosis service.

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On Being Selected

Dr. Farzana said: “It’s wonderful to be part of this campaign and to be photographed by Rankin. It’s difficult to put into words how privileged I feel to be able to go to work everyday and make a difference to people’s lives.”

“This motivated me not only to study medicine but to really remember the patients’ journey,” she said. She continues to be inspired by her parents and said: “When I look after my patients, I remember that they are someone’s family.”

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