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Omar & Hana Edutaining Muslim Children via Cartoons and Mobile App

For Muslim parents looking to instill Islamic values in their young children, the pickings are slim. Only a few high-quality Islamic cartoons for children are available due to the high budgets required to create them. In order to produce a high-quality 3D animated cartoon that is comparable to Disney and Nickelodeon would cost millions of dollars.

Thankfully, an Islamic cartoon series, Omar & Hana, came in to fill in the gap with their edutainment style. The series is formatted as a short story with Islamic values, each episode with a catchy song, for children to sing along to, attracting younger children up to preschoolers.

Finding the Best Ways To Educate Muslim Children

The creators behind Omar & Hana have decided that an Omar & Hana App is the next step to help educate our young Muslims. While children have benefited from watching Omar & Hana cartoon series, kids can learn more from an interactive style, especially with mobile apps.

The team has embarked on developing the mobile app, after research and feedback from their fans, both in Malaysia and internationally. The creators, Digital Durian, is a Malaysia-based animation startup, with a team of over 100 staff.  

The Omar & Hana app will further emphasize the Islamic values and basic knowledge of Islam such as du’as, prayers and good character that are shown in the cartoon series. 

Online Quran competition for kids 3-8 organized by Omar & Hana, registration ends 6 November

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An Impressive Achievement

The animated series began its first release in 2017 and has achieved so much. According to their creators, it is the most viewed Islamic children’s cartoon on YouTube globally with more than 1.5 billion views and 3.5 million subscribers. 

The cartoon series is available in Malay and in English for its international audience. The Malay version is broadcasted on Astro, a subscription-based satellite TV channel in Malaysia. 

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Crowdfunding To Help Launch The Omar & Hana App

The Omar & Hana app will officially launch on iOS and Android on the 15th of June 2020. It is currently 90% developed. 

To support the app development, the creators have sought funding on the international Muslim crowdfunding platform, Launchgood. The funding will be used to sustain the app development as well as creating new quality content.

People who donate to the Omar & Hana crowdfunding campaign can claim rewards such as early app access, 50% discount on the app subscription or Omar & Hana plush toys and merchandise.

The crowdfunding campaign is targeting to reach USD30,000, and to date, it has received at least USD22,000 from international donors in the UK, US, parts of Europe and the Middle East.

To help with funding support of the Omar & Hana app, and get rewards, discounts or Omar & Hana merchandise, go to the Omar & Hana campaign on Launchgood to contribute.

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