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MIN Empowering Muslim Influencers To Do Good For Society

Muslim Influencer Network (MIN) is a Muslim-centered social media influencer marketing agency that has worked with the likes of the UN, Anchor Butter, Rubicon, Co-Op & The Southbank Centre. Their social media influencers under their network range from Muslim bloggers, vloggers, Snapchat sensations, Instagram inspirations to YouTube personalities. 

We spoke with Omar Shahid, founder of Muslim Influencer Network. 

Why Muslim Influencers?

The global Muslim population size is 1.8 billion people, approximately one-quarter of the world population. The global Islamic economy, encompassing halal food, halal pharmaceuticals to modest clothing, to halal entertainment and travel is worth USD2.1 trillion, according to Thomson Reuters Report in collaboration with DinarStandard. 

According to Omar, for global brands to not tap into this huge market would be a big mistake. Consider the global brands reaching out the Muslim market for the last 5 years:

  • Gucci released a hijab collection
  • Asos released a modest line fashion
  • Nike released a sports hijab
  • Prada released a modest line fashion

By using Muslim influencers, global brands are able to tap into the large Muslim market, previously untapped and relatively a niche market.  

Built With A Purpose

Muslim Influencer Network was founded by two guys who are passionate about helping Muslims. With their background in social media influencer marketing and management, they founded Muslim Influencer Network to use Muslim influencers to normalize Muslims into the mainstream world and empower Muslims. 

Muslim Influencer Network purpose being summarized into their tagline, “Empowering The People of Today To Better The Society Of Tomorrow”. This essentially covers two aspects:

“ The Business Aspect – by connecting Muslim influencers with global and local brands, such as Adidas, Nike or food brands.” Essentially, Muslim social media influencers get paid for their content for promoting brands. 

“The Social, Humanitarian Aspect – developing, nurturing and empowering the Muslim influencers. MIN agency essentially looks after the personal aspects of the influencers under their network”, said Omar.

More importantly, Muslim Influencer Network nurtures the influencers under their agency to become “public figures who can communicate the values of Islam as confident, articulate Muslims who know what they stand for”.  

Are You A Social Media Influencer?

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If you use social media, or a blogger with have a substantial amount of followers, approximately 100K followers, you might want to consider getting on to the Muslim Influencer Network.  The platforms used by social media influencers ranges from blogs to Snapchat to Instagram and YouTube.  By being on the M.I.N. network, you could be chosen to work with a global brand for sponsored content, where you’ll be paid for posting your content.

Make sure that your followers are all real followers, as M.I.N has a system to filter out fake influencers from the real ones.

Equally important, is the values your promoting. M.I.N. welcomes social media influencers who are motivated, have a vision, and have good values in line with Islam.  To apply to be on the M.I.N. network, simply fill out their contact form

How M.I.N Was Founded

Omar Shahid used to be a UK-based journalist for several national newspapers. However, he left the profession after being disillusioned by the industry that only wanted to highlight sensational, negative news.  

Omar Shahid, Founder of M.I.N.

He then embarked on another project which involved managing Muslim artists, sportsmen and influencers. Later on, he met with Saiful Islam when involved in a charity project. Saiful has a background in influencer marketing on Instagram when Instagram was still new. 

They realized that their combined experiences would prove to be beneficial, with Omar in influencer management and Saiful in influencer marketing. Muslim Influencer Network (MIN) was then formed by the two as co-founders. 

Endorsed By Muslim Scholars

Not only is Muslim Influencer Network impressive, with its long list of global brands as its clients, which it was able to clinch since its first year of operations.

According to Omar, even Islamic scholars, endorse their work and would want them to continue in their work. Da’wa figures such as US-based Sheikh Omar Suleiman is supportive of the Muslim Influencer Network, in which he delivered a video message to the influencers in their network. 

“We’re on a mission and we’re not going to stop until we get there.”

“ We really believe we have an important role to play in the future development of our society and we believe that through our network, we can do that.”

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