8 Business Ideas For Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month that brings countless blessings to Muslims. Keeping oneself from food and water, despite the availability, teaches humans a number of values and how they look at life. Through fasting, Allah Almighty gives humans the lesson of discipline, compassion, and empathy. All such good traits combined with plenty of opportunities of worship act as medicine for the purity of heart. 

The month of Ramadan also brings several opportunities for a number of most halal and profitable businesses. Whether you are in a country with a Muslim majority or outside a Muslim country where there are few Muslim communities, you can set up small, quick, and smart businesses that benefit the communities around you and bring you good fortune for yourself.  

There are several Ramadan business ideas that you can opt for in the holy month of Ramadan. Make sure to set up these small business ideas strategically so they can work to bring maximum revenue. Here are some of the top ideas that are worthy of spending capital on and how to set them up for a big return. 

Business Ideas for Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a short period of high demand for a number of daily foods and other commodities. Ramadan is also followed by Eid, which is not only the way of God to reward the Muslims with happiness and joy but also a great opportunity for entrepreneurial minds.  

Before we get to the list, you must not underestimate the fact that these business ideas will only work if implemented with a strong strategy. For example, you can’t sell any edible of any kind during the fast. You must place your business with timings and locations that both suit the fast times, you can sell your product either at the time of Sehr or Iftar. You might want to target some of your hometown farther corners where the employees get out of the office and find a great spot to break their fast before they get to travel a long way back home and then break their fast. 

With all such factors considered, let’s get to know some of the highly profitable small business ideas to establish in the holy month of Ramadan. 

1 – Freshly Fried & Baked Halal Food

The food department holds a much bigger market around the world. According to the report of the World Bank, people of developing countries around the world spend a sum of USD5 trillion a year on food commodities. Once you start the fried or baked food business, not only you can sell a great deal of your product at the time of Sehr or Iftar but you can also continue your idea of business even after Ramadan. 

Fried & Baked food products are one of the mutually favorite items of Muslims around the world, especially at the time of Iftar. The demand goes up a little higher in the month of Ramadan where finding the customers for your product isn’t that hard. You just have to set up your business near industrial areas or the office areas where people would prefer to break fast with easily available halal and quality products rather than to travel a long way to their home after working hours end. 

2- Selling Beverage

The one thing that a person with fast could wish for after a whole day fast is a cool, fresh and healthy drink. There are various artificial and homemade halal drinks that you can sell around your street or in any other area of the city. If the capital for the business allows you to have a rental place you can start a whole drinks palace with a sitting facility for breaking the fast. In other cases, you can open a vendor shop around the corner of your street or any other strategic location. 

To make your business more profitable, always try to answer the following question before you choose a suitable location and operating hours for your business.  

  • How many customers are you expected to have on a daily basis?
  • Are there any other sellers selling the same drinks near you? If “Yes” then, What makes you different compared to those sellers?
  • What is your area of target for your business? Whether it is a residential, industrial, or any other office area? This will help you set your timings right to get the most number of customers.

3 – Selling Dates & Other Fruits

Nothing can be more healthy, nutritious, and delicious than good quality fruits. In the Muslim world, fruits are one great way to do Iftar or even Sehr. Dates are the most popular fruit that is seen on the table during the month of Ramadan. This is mainly because of its high nutrition value that a fasting person gets on an instant basis and in Islam, it is also a sunnah to eat dates. 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also use to eat an odd number of dates. So if you happen to be around Muslim communities selling dates, you find it hard to attract customers for your business. There is a high demand for both date and other current season fruits in the period of this auspicious and holy month. Selling such halal and fresh fruits comes top in the list of Ramadan business ideas. Fruits usually have more consumers relative to other organic and natural products. You can even continue your fruit business even after the month of Ramadan if you find it a profitable fit. 

4 – Catering & Decorating For Iftar Events

Whether you already own a catering or event decor business or you are looking to open a new one, the month of Ramadan is a good time to put your effort into either establishing a new business or expanding the horizon of an already owned business. The month of Ramadan is not only for individual blessings but the moments like Iftar and Sehr also promote love and affection among all members of communities. Allah Almighty sends his countless blessings over anyone who offers an Iftar and Sehr to the people around them.

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Muslims often offer Iftar to their family, relatives, and friends and turn to cater and decor service around them to make their moments more special. You can launch your catering and decor company during the month of Ramadan where people are way more interested in making Iftar parties more memorable. If you already offer catering and decor service, expand your business offering by providing you service for not only the month of Ramadan but also for other religious events like Eid too. 

5 – Sweets & Gift Packs Delivery For Eid

Muslims see Eid as the reward for their whole month of fasting. In all Muslim and non-muslim countries, people love to meet and greet on the day of eid. To show their affection towards their brothers and sisters, they also exchange gifts and offer sweets to each other. You can start a business of preparing or delivering eid cakes and various other sweets. People have been seen to spend a lot on sweets and gift packs for their relatives and friends during and at the end of Ramadan. 

A sweet and gift business can profit a lot from such an opportunity by offering services and products for a lower cost than non-muslim competitors. A non-muslim competitor might not recognize such an opportunity because of not much understanding of the event. You can easily take advantage of Muslim values in a halal way and get the most out of your spent capital on such a business.   

6 – Selling Muslim Fashioned Clothes

Muslims start shopping for Eid somewhere near the end of Ramadan. Owing to the importance of Eid in Muslims’ lives, they prepare with pure hearts and joy. A large part of their eid shopping is to buy new clothes. Selling clothes during Ramadan is also among some of the top-rated businesses around the Muslim world. For a small business, you can start your own clothing brand that sells Islamic-style clothes for different groups of ages and gender. Along with food, the fashion industry also rises when the period of fasting is about to end. 

Eid is a Divine way of showing and sharing your happiness with others. It is a day when all the Muslims around the globe celebrate and promote Islamic values in a halal way, and one of the most joyful ways of doing so is the beautiful Islamic style clothes. By selling clothes to such a great number of communities, your business can become profitable and popular by offering products at a lower cost for special discounts. You can even offer your products on different online platforms. 

7 – Delivery Services For Non-Fasting People

Its the beauty of Islam that it does not force its obligations on everyone. Though fasting during Ramadan is mandatory for all Muslims yet there are exceptions to these divine duties too. There are a large number of people with serious medical conditions or any other reason that does not allow them to fast during Ramadan. 

You can start a home delivery service for such people in your area. In most Muslim countries, all the businesses related to food and drinks are either closed until the time of Iftar or they are restricted to offer their services. You can offer help to such people by offering a food delivery or any other kind of delivery at a reasonable price. You can also promote yourself as a home kitchen that only offers help to people with genuine reasons for not fasting. Delivery services can be provided through an already present online platform or you can offer them through your own medium, let it be your mobile phone number or a personal local website. Such a business can be established and run on very little capital.  

8 – Teaching Quran

Teaching Quran to your Muslim children and even the people of your own age is considered a noble act in Islam. This is also a favorite act of God and the Holy Prophet (SAW). By opting for such a business you can profit yourself a good fortune and contentment from Allah that will benefit you for the long run. 

To offer such a service you have plenty of options to choose from. As for the present time, online teaching through different media has become a need of the hour. You can open a Quran Teaching Center that teaches Muslim children Quran. For another option, you can either create a website or Youtube channel with regular posts on lessons about the Holy Quran and its teaching. Your video posts on a regular basis can help hundreds to learn the Quran while staying home.  


If you are lucky enough to enter the holy month of Ramadan with a capital to spend for a business idea, there are various opportunities that you can go for. Ramadan and Eid both auspicious events offer a great deal of profit both in terms of Barakah and fortune. You can benefit Muslims’ communities ranging from food to clothes and in return, you can have halal profit all through the blessing of One True Allah Almighty. 

Make efforts to place your business at the right time to the right customers. Use strategic locations and suitable technology to promote and expand your horizons. Look around your communities and ask yourself, What would you want for yourself? and what would benefit a large number of people around you? The answer to these questions will help you find the unique business opportunities that are concealed from many non-entrepreneurial minds around you.  

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