Complete Guide to Quran Arabic

The mind map below is everything you need to know about Arabic Noun or Nahw. There are links to a 5-minute article on Quran Arabic. If you follow the steps listed below. InsyaAllah you’ll master half of Quran Arabic Study in the next 30 days.

Mind Map of Complete Study of Arabic Noun

How to Use the mind map and Master Quran Arabic in 30 days

Step 1

All you need to do is download the pdf and store it on your mobile or laptop. It should preferably somewhere that you can easily access. I would recommend you download it onto your phone. It would be good if you can create a short cut on your home screen to the Pdf document or else you will probably forget about it like the rest of the stuff that is taking unnecessary space in your phone

Step 2

Each morning after getting up from your sleep just open the pdf and click one of the links starting from the center of the mind map. You’ll immediately be directed to an article on the topic. It only takes you less than 5 minutes to read and understand the article. You don’t have to memorize anything, just read it once and understand the concept.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 once again before you go to sleep. Try to do this every day, Some of the links will direct you to the same article more than once. Some articles are repeated intentionally to drill certain concepts that you need to remember in your mind. The articles are written in such a way to make you master a particular topic subconsciously. So, it would be effortless on your part. Because the best way to understand and remember something is through repetition with the least amount of stress.

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That’s it hope you can spare some time to understand the book that has been sent down specifically for you.

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