Scientists Invented Smart Fabric To Cool Down Body Heat

Scientists Invented Smart Fabric To Cool Down Body Heat

A team of scientists from The University of Manchester have created smart clothing that can cool down the wearer's body… Read More

June 26, 2020

How Businesses Are Adapting to The New Normal By Going Digital

As businesses begin to pick up again as economies around the world open up after lockdown periods are over, we… Read More

June 23, 2020

Energizing The Halal Economy With Angel Investors

Halal Angels Network was launched in Ramadhan this year, in May 2020, amid the global Covid-19 pandemic. The launch was… Read More

June 11, 2020

Muslim Marketplace Launched Amid Pandemic Lockdown

A Muslim lifestyle marketplace has recently launched in the midst of a global pandemic and lockdown. Noor and Zafir is… Read More

June 2, 2020

Omar & Hana Edutaining Muslim Children via Cartoons and Mobile App

An Islamic cartoon series, Omar & Hana, came in to fill in the gap with their edutainment style. An Omar… Read More

May 20, 2020

Reviving The Sunnah: Ramadhan in Lockdown

Being at home during Ramadan is not the new norm. It is the original ‘norm’ that happened during the lifetime… Read More

April 24, 2020

Muslim American Doctor and his team Innovate a Ventilator For Seven People

A Muslim American Doctor has successfully invented a machine that can serve as a ventilator for seven people. Read More

April 15, 2020

Teach yourself Quranic Arabic during this lockdown

By the end of this article, you know where to learn Quranic Arabic for free, and how to test your… Read More

March 27, 2020

Inspiring Rooftops Dhikir In Muslim Countries During Lockdown

While much of the world is on lockdown or restricted movements, and where most mosques are closed during the global… Read More

March 24, 2020

Lessons In Isra’ Mikraj To Cope With Times Of Difficulty

The lessons of Isra' wal Miraj are many for us to think about and apply today. This is even more… Read More

March 22, 2020