How to identify Fi’il Madhi in the Quran within 5 seconds 

When you ‘completed something you’ll feel one of the 3 R. You’ll have either a sense of realization, regret, or relief depending on the action that you completed. Fi’il Madhi is just that it is something that is completed or past tense. 

The concept of tenses does not exist in some languages like Malay. So it is a bit difficult to teach Malaysian and Indonesian to understand  Fi’il madhi. Even if your mother tongue does not have tenses there is usually another added to a verb to show its tenses.

Identifying Fiil Madhi in 5 seconds

Open any page of the Quran and you can spot a Fi’il Madhi in less than 5 seconds. But first, you have to understand a simple concept. When we talk about tenses they always have two-component. If that sounds too complicated it is just like riding a bike. You can only move when there are two tires. 

The two tires of tenses are action and the doer (represented by a pronoun)  of the action and the action itself (verb). In Arabic, a verb in its original form is always represented by 3 letters. You can immediately spot a Fi’il Madhi in the Quran even if you don’t know what it means. 

How is this possible? It is simple, every time you see a 3 letter word once you find them look at the ending sound if it has the ‘a’ sound or the Fattah sign then it is past tense. Most of the time the

Let’s look at some examples in the Quran. Here we have the first Ayah of Surah Al Alaq is past tense.   

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Another example would be from the fist Ayah from Surah Al-Fil 

Can you find the Fi’il Madhi in this Ayah? It is  Fa a la. Even if can spot it without knowing the meaning it would be good to know the meaning. The meaning here is ‘did’ which is the past tense of ‘do’. 

Here is a third example in the Quran from Ayah 33 Surah Al Qiyamah 

This is the most basic form of Fill Madhi, you only have to remember two things. It usually contains 3 letters, and they usually have a Fathah or the ‘a’ sound.