We would love to hear from you… If you’re passionate about living a halal lifestyle or if you have anything interesting to share your content about a halal lifestyle, here is the right place to start! So what do we mean by content about halal lifestyle?  It can be anything that from the places you visit, a new halal food you discovered, entrepreneurship, leadership, or simply your experience as Muslim. 

Here are some general content guidelines to keep in mind when contributing to Halalop.com

Bear in mind that Halalop.com is about promoting halal lifestyle, so anything that is contradictory to this will not be accepted. 

General content guidelines

  1. 1.Accessible and attractive to a millennial Muslim audience 

Content must be accessible to our audience, who are Muslims, and we would like to appeal to the millennial audience (age range between 20-35).

It’s important to keep the language style and flow simple enough to be read.  Hence, please tone down any academic style language. To check for how readable is your article for publishing online, please use this free tool: readable.io

  1. No hate messages or discriminatory content

Hate or discriminatory .messages to any group of people will be outright rejected.

  1. Affiliate link

As Halalop.com is about living a halal lifestyle, obviously this means that some articles will be about food or products or income opportunities that are halal.

While we welcome articles that may inform about these items, please keep the content to be something that showcases the benefit to readers, from an interesting angle.  

An outbound link is permitted on a case to case basis for the product or income opportunity based article. We will contact you first if the link is disallowed.

4. Author’s bio

You are to provide a short paragraph of your bio – your name, your interest, your background. You may also provide a link to your site or page that you want to promote

5. Title

As the internet is full of articles, videos, social media that just begs for readers’ attention, so should be your article.  Make the title short and catchy: title should be no more than 60 characters.

Also, provide a short description of what the article is about and keep it to no more than 160 characters. Here’s where you can check for character length: lettercount.com.

 6. Where to Submit

Submit your article on this page and wait for an email from us for approval.

7. Our Right To Edit

By giving us permission to contribute your article to Halalop.com, you give specific permission for its editor to edit your article.