Malaysia’s Own Home-grown Antivirus Software Protects Users From Phishing Scams, Malware

We depend more on technology in our daily lives, including our finances, which provides us with convenience and speed at one’s fingertips. Yet, technology also enables criminals to siphon away our hard-earned money, through various tactics.

Cybercrimes Making Big Money

In Malaysia, over RM67.6 million was lost to cybercrimes in the first quarter of 2019 alone, according to the. Communications and Multimedia Ministry. Malware which has widespread in Malaysia includes GoMoney and Crypto virus, which specifically targets infected users on financial transactions.

Malaysia’s Own Internet Security

Kyrol Security Labs is Malaysia’s own homegrown internet security software, also known as antivirus software. Their software provides protection on Microsoft Windows desktop as well as for Android smartphones.

Kyrol Security Labs have been operating since 2014, and is founded by Malaysian, Mr Khairul Shapawi Abdul Karim. Kyrol Security Labs came about after Khairul saw that there are no local internet security companies providing such solutions.

Kyrol A Role Model of Determination & Versatility

What is amazing about this home-grown Anti-virus it is the determination of its founder, Khairul left his high paying corporate job to developed Malaysia’s own anti-virus. What is more interesting is that since day one, he never receive any funding for a project that investor should be dying to invest.

His reasoning is that he wants to ensure that Malaysia’s data is secured and Malaysia does not have to depend on others for its data security. Taking money from investors always come with strings attached. This is not to say that he does not need investment, but any investment that is a partnership offered must be on his own terms.

He is convinced that once in the next 5 years, his business will grow to a point that he will be able to employ more tech experts to make the product more competitive than it already is.  Right now he is focusing on the local market especially organizations that do not want to rely on foreign companies for their  data protection.

He also has a very positive attitude that he is constantly upgrading Kyrol security to counter any threats in the future and meet his customer’s needs.  Ultimately, he is not in it just for the money but to make Malaysia’s data protected by Ironclad security by an entity within the country’s borders.

The Importance of Data Integrity

This is even more important in the cases of government agencies, in which their desktops have confidential information about the country. For instance, foreign-based antivirus software will collect such data from their desktop scans, it is possible for these data to be collected and reported back to the antivirus software country of origin. By using Kyrol internet security software, government agencies’ data privacy is protected against any potential leakages to foreign nations. Kyrol internet security is currently being used by approximately 35 government agencies in Malaysia and growing.

Available to Private Consumers

Kyrol Security Labs is also available to private consumers. Currently, over 100,000 desktop licenses have been sold to private end-users. This is considered small, given that 74% of households in Malaysia have access to computers, with approximately 8 million households in Malaysia.

Khairul said that the small takeup rate is expected, given that they do not have a large marketing budget. This is because the company is self-funded and does not have any external investors, including that of government investment agencies.

Weakness Turns To Opportunity To Earn Income

Khairul, the founder of Kyrol Security Labs, has recognized its small takeup of end-user licenses. As such, it’s currently looking for distributors and resellers throughout Malaysia. If you are interested to be a distributor or reseller, you can contact them on their Facebook page for more information.

Socially Responsible

Meeting with SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun Khairul is in blue shirt and jeans

As part of their corporate social responsibility, they have awarded 200 internet security licenses to a secondary school in Ipoh, Perak, SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun. It is the first school in Malaysia to use Kyrol internet security.

Looking Towards A Brighter Future

Kyrol Security Labs sees its future as bright. It has recently introduced antivirus for Android smartphones. They hope with their growth, they will be able to provide opportunities and nurture homegrown talents in the computer engineering field. Insya Allah, it is just a matter of time before  Kyrol will become a household name and brand in Malaysia


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