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The Hybrid Muslim Professional

The Hybrid Muslim Professional

Asking someone what they do for a living is standard small talk. The answer should be easy enough. You are… Read More

September 28, 2021

7 Extraordinary Muslim Contributions to the Modern World

7 contemporary Muslim contributions in science and technologyThe 700 year Myth about MuslimsWhy it is important to highlight their belief… Read More

September 6, 2021

4 Great Halal Business Ideas: In The New Normal (Updated)

The human race has gone through a series of changes in behavior since Covid-19 began last year. Where these changes… Read More

June 29, 2021

Negotiation Secrets from a Turkish Billionaire

My Negotiation Secrets… Today, let me share the secrets of negotiation with you. Negotiation techniques that I used in my… Read More

June 22, 2021

Muslim Tech Awareness Needed Amid Social Media Censorship

If social media censorship including messaging apps such as WhatsApp blocking usage by on-the-ground news reporters, it’s high time Muslims… Read More

May 28, 2021

Bigo Live Malaysia launches Quran Competition ‘Tilawah Bersama Bigo’ to support Islamic Relief Malaysia

Malaysia – Bigo Live, the leading global live streaming platform, todayannounced ‘Tilawah Bersama Bigo’, a Quran recitation competition and fundraising… Read More

May 19, 2021

Muslim Tech Founder Making Renewable Energy Accessible to Everyone

Solving the world's pressing needs, of food, water and energy, are high on this tech founder's list, who is now… Read More

March 23, 2021

How technology helps small businesses grow

Technology for small businesses is an indispensable part of their daily use because technology makes work much easier and contributes… Read More

March 20, 2021

Detecting speech disorders in Malay-speaking children

To hear a normal young child (without any speech disorders) speak is often endearing, even if the child is not… Read More

March 2, 2021

Top 10 Tips on How Every Entrepreneur Can Succeed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an indispensable platform that every entrepreneur can leverage to build their start-up the way they want. You can… Read More

December 28, 2020