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Divine Signs – Osman Gazi Khan’s Dream (the full account)

Editor’s Note: If you are a Kurulus Osman fan you must know about the fateful dream. It is a dream that gave Osman the son of Ertugrul the conviction that Allah is with him. Thus making him unstoppable. It was that dream, that led to 6 centuries of Muslim rule. It is also the dream that gives us dignity until this very day because Istanbul is still in Muslim hands. 

“For time immemorial, the eternal State is yours” – [Sheik Edebali]

Osman Gazi, who used to spend a lot of time with Sheik Edebali during his growing up years, has been known to experience strange visions from time to time, which then prompted him to visit old Sheik’s house even more often. 

Little that he knew is about to have another dream that would change his life that fateful night.

That night he and his friend were guests at Ebebali’s place. They chatted until late at night. As the night grew old, they decided to call it a night and go to sleep. His friend then wished Osman a good night and retired to his room.

Osman’s Du’a Before Sleeping

Before going to sleep, Osman performed Salat and offered the following Dua/prayer to Allah, before retiring for the night:

Oh, my Rabb!

If my efforts can cause the birth of righteousness, enlighten my night and my day! 

May the glow of Dîn-i mübin-i İslâm (the True Religion of Islam) be clearly granted to always stand up for the Right.

May all the enemies of the faith perish alive under the ground! May the armies of unbelievers be ravaged by my strength!

May my sword be a shining beacon on the way of religion, and a guide to those who fight on the path of the Truth.

May I be granted to carry a clean, an unblemished name and to be victorious.

Grant me such an end that I may be able to reach Your Divine Grace.

Oh, my Almighty Lord, the Most Benevolent, the Most Generous.

Guide me so that I may attain your approval!

May the word of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (savs) be my guide.

Bestow upon me the blessings and pleasure of the Holy Struggle.


He Recited The Quran

After the dua, left alone in his room, Osman Gazi was just about to lie down and go to sleep when his eye caught the sight of the Qur’an in a secluded enclosure. Out of respect for the Quran, he could not go to sleep before reading it. 

He took the Qur’an and began to read it. That night he recited the Qur’an for 6 hours non-stop, until dawn (Fajr). 

And since Osman Gazi Khan showed such great respect for the Divine Wisdom of the Qur’an, legend has it he was blessed with 1 century of rule for every hour that he recited Qur’an that night. Thus the Ottoman dynasty dominated over 7 regions (on 3 continents) for 6 centuries. [Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil; Ertuğrul’un Ocağı]

He was finally subdued by fatigue and sleep began to overwhelm him. Osman fell into a sweet doze, still holding the Qur’an in his hands.

At that moment, he is recorded to hear a voice that said: “O Osman, because you have glorified my Word and treated it with the utmost respectability… I have made you and your offspring, and those connected to you and all that belong to you, forever sacred and revered and honorable in the Realm.” Source [Büyük Osmanlı Tarihi Cilt 1]

The Dream Vision Of The Ottoman Empire

And then, while Osman was dozing, he had that strange vision, that famous divine dream.

In his dream, he was lying next to Sheikh Edebali. A Crescent moon rose from Edebali’s bosom. Then, it grew little by little, and when it became a full moon, it entered Osman’s own bosom.

The dream scene in the Turkish drama series Kuruluş: Osman can be viewed in YouTube here.

Then a tree sprung out of his navel (waist) and began to grow steadily. It was a Platanus tree (Çınar). As it grew, its greenness and beauty were intensifying too. The shadow of its branches covered the whole world; they surrounded the lands and seas all the way to the ends of the three continents’ horizons.

Next to the tree, he saw four mountain ranges: the Caucasus, the Atlas, the Taurus, and the Balkans. The mountain ranges looked like the four pillars that were supporting the sea of green leaves above.

The four rivers: the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Nile, and the Danube sprang from the roots of that great tree, and countless large ships floated on them as if they were on seas.

The Earth was lush, the Sky a deep blue. The fields were full of crops, the trees were full of fruit, and the mountains were covered with large forests. The fertile waters, the fresh springs were coming out of these mountains and flowed into the Rose and Cypress Groves.

Under the shadow of the great Platanus, happy and cheerful people were going to these springs, walking arm-in-arm. Some of them were watering the gardens, some were drinking from them like from, some were harvesting crops in their farms, some were making fountains, and some were living in the meadows.

In the meadows, there were towns decorated with numerous domes, obelisks, columns, and latif minarets and towers that were visible from afar. Crescent moons were planted on the top of all of these great buildings brightly shone, as the muezzins read the Adhans from their minarets. The call to prayer mingled with the tunes of countless nightingales sitting on the tree’s branches.

At one point the leaves of the great Platanus (Çınar) began to grow in the shape of swords. Then a strong wind broke out and the fresh and fragrant leaves of the great Platanus spread over all the cities of the world. And a number of them especially turned towards Constantinople (Istanbul).

The city of Constantinople (Istanbul) resembled a glittering diamond of a ring, set between the two azure turquoise and two green emeralds at the confluence of two seas and two continents. And the ring on which that precious gemstone was embedded encompassed the whole world as if it were all just one huge country.

And just as he was about to put this glittering ring on his finger, Osman Ghazi Khan finally woke up.

How Osman’s Dream Was Interpreted

 Osman Gazi went to find Sheik Edebali and described his dream to him. After brief contemplation, Edebali replied: “O son. You’ve been given auspicious tidings!” he said. “The Noor (the light; moon) that came out of my breast represents my daughter, Bala Hatun. The ring is a sign that you’re getting married.”

“As for the tree, you will build a great and long-lasting State. Your offspring will rule with Justice. Many Sultans will come from your descendants and gather many states under one roof.”

“Allahu Wa Ta’ala will guide you and your descendants to honor people with Islam…”. And as a consequence, Osman Gazi was finally able to marry Bala Hâtûn, the daughter of Sheikh Edebali. He was just nineteen years old at the time, and their Nikkah ceremony was performed by Edebali’s disciple named Turgut. Source Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil; Neşri Tarihi, Abdülaziz Efendi. 

In addition to its predictive meaning, ‘this dream story may also have served as a form of agreement: just as Almighty Allah promised to provide Osman and his descendants with sovereignty, it was also implicit that it was the duty of Osman to provide his subjects with prosperity’. [Kafadar, Cemal]. Which he did. 

Halalop Editor’s Note: Melisa has also written about the real historical characters of Kuruluş: Osman drama series.

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