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Tapping into the Lucrative Muslim Market by Making the Haram into Halal

The global Islamic and halal markets is said to be worth USD2 trillion dollars where Muslims around the world spent on food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fashion, travel and media last year.

With such a lucrative market size, it’s no surprise that many more brands, companies would want to tap into the global Muslim market.

The Lucrative Halloween Market

Americans are expected to spend a total of USD10.6 billion on Halloween celebrations, for costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards this year, which is USD2 billion more than pre-Covid year of 2019. Figures are based on the US National Retail Federation.

Saudi Arabia, the perceived bastion of Islam, with the two holy cities of Islam, Makkah and Madinah, is now allowing its citizens to celebrate this US-based holiday. To such an extent that Halloween is being celebrated by Muslims in Saudi Arabia, on the streets of Riyadh, as a parade

Hallloween celebration in Saudi Arabia, 2022

In another Halloween street party in Korea recently, where it ended in a tragic loss of lives of more than 100 people, due to a stampede, most of the world offer condolences to their families.

Some people see it as a fun, innocent holiday, whereas as Muslims, everything we do must be valued against the haram (forbidden) vs halal (permissible or allowed) mode.

Is Halloween Haram ?

Halloween is an old pagan holiday of the witches and the dead. Later some Christians tried to Christianize it by calling it “All Saints Day“. However, there are still many Christians who resent it and consider it a bad holiday.

The Malaysian National Fatwa Council has banned Halloween celebration in a fatwa (religious edict), with the explanation as imitating or resembling the specific actions or clothing of non-Muslims which has harmful elements (tashabbuh).

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However, according to a former devil worshipper who is now a Christian pastor, Halloween has more sinister devilish elements involved. Watch the CBN News interview below for his explanation.

The Lucrative Hemp Market

Hemp, also known as cannabis, is typically illegal in most countries. However, certain countries in the West, such as the US and the UK, have made medicinal and health-based as reasons for their legal use.

It is estimated that the US hemp market size is approximately US25 billion, with an estimated high growth rate of 17%. The high growth rate makes the industry very lucrative.

Is Hemp Really Halal?

A US-based Hemp company has received halal certification for its hemp products, which contained active CBD (cannabidiol) ingredients. The company named Halal CBD, with products such as gummies and moisturizers which contain CBD extracts.

Some of the latest research have shown that CBD, a compound found in cannabis, are not intoxicating when consumed. Hence, the halal concept for hemp is based on this non-intoxicating effect. The cannabis extract must also not contain any delta-9 THC compound, which is the psychotropic high for drug users.

However, most Muslim countries do not really consider this as halal or even legal as yet.

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