Making the Haram Into Halal With Impossible Pork

Impossible Foods’ newest range, Impossible Pork and Sausage are seeking halal certification.

Impossible Foods is a food company that makes only plant-based foods.  The company is based in California, USA. That means all of their food products, including burgers, pork, and sausages, are made from plants and contain no animal hormones.

Their beef burgers, pork, and sausages aim to resemble the tastes of beef, pork and pork sausages, although they are entirely made of plants and vegetables.

Impossible Foods Making Sustainable Foods

Impossible Foods is promoting the consumption of plant-based food instead of meat from animals, as it believes animal agriculture consumes more land and natural resources, compared to plant-based agriculture.

By promoting more plant-based food to people, this will help in global food sustainability and reduce climate change.

Impossible Foods claim their burger has the same amount of iron and protein as burgers made from ground beef from cows.

Their food products are available in Burger King USA outlets, and in certain restaurants in Singapore.  Their main target markets are in the US, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

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Getting Halal Certification

Impossible Burger is already certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) under regulations set by Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM).

They are currently seeking two more halal certifications for their new food products, Impossible Pork, and Impossible Sausage, according to Salaam Gateway.

However, based on Jakim’s rules, halal can’t be created from haram, meaning that as pork is haram, even if it contains zero pork content, it will not be certified as halal.  Currently, any zero alcohol beer is NOT certified as halal.

The outcome of their halal certification application is still unknown.

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