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How Muslim CEOs Can Learn Quranic Arabic Fast

How long does it take for a Muslim CEO to know Quranic Arabic to be enough to understand the Quran in its original language? You with your super-duper busy schedule would not be able to master Arabic to the level of mastery of the Quraish during the times of the prophet. 

The Quraish in the back then had to put their fingers in their ears whenever they heard the Quran being read. Why would they do such a thing? If they don’t block out the sound of the Quran they will believe in it and become Muslim. Such is the beauty of the Quran to people who master the language. 

Mastering v Understanding Quranic Arabic

However, to understand Arabic so you can understand the Quran is something that you can achieve fairly quickly. You have to understand the process to understand the Quran like the Quraish, you have to learn grammar that is Nahw and Sarf and then Balagha. This can take a long time if you live a dysfunctional lifestyle where work overrides every other priority. In this case, vocabulary takes a backseat. This is the route I am taking. 

Short-cut to Quranic Arabic

But there is another way where you can appreciate the Quran by understanding the vocabulary of the Quran. The Amazing thing is many of the words in the Quran are repeated more than once as explained in my previous articles:

There are 70 words in the Quran that represent 50% of the Quran. This means if you memorize these 70 words you’ll know the meaning of 50 % of the words in the Quran. The next 25% of words of the Quran is made up of approximately 300 words and the remaining 25% is a bit harder; they consist of 4000 words. 

But you need not be overly concerned with these 4000 words; they are rare and most of the time can sort of guess their meaning. Assuming you have a firm grasp of the 370 words most frequent words in the Quran. Because by then you would understand 75% of the words in the Quran. At this stage, any words that you don’t really know can be guessed by looking at the context of the Ayah.

Memorizing for Quranic Arabic

Many people think they are lousy at memorizing, they can’t even remember all the names of their staff let alone 370 words from the Quran. The trick is to start with the 70 most frequent words first then move on to the next.

Many people think their memory does not serve them very well, but it has more to do with their memorization technique.

The best way to memorize these words is by using what science calls spaced repetition, which is proven to be one of the most effective ways of memorizing. There is numerous research that shows space repetition gets maximum results with the least effort. 

Tools for memorizing Quranic Arabic

Spaced repetition is a fancy name for flashcards that is shown at intervals predetermined by a set algorithm. You could use apps like Anki to upload the list and turn it into flashcards. Where can you get The Complete Frequency word List of the Quran from on their resource page 

They provide a complete list of all the words in a single spreadsheet. That will give you an idea of the words in the Quran and the frequency of it appearing in the Quran. To start memorizing them you can just go to Memrise and register and start memorising. 

Memorizing these words will give you the feeling of quick-win in understanding the Quran. Don’t forget to read the Quran 2 pages a day by hook or by crook. 

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