Change Your Thinking To Change Your Life

Most of our problems come from the fact that we live in our minds so much…when we really need to get into our heart space and operate from there when things get tough.

“I Can’t Stop Thinking About..”

We occupy our minds with worries about the future and past painful experiences… these take up so much space in our mind, don’t help whatsoever and consume us.

So our state becomes heavy, sad and anxious… and living from that state is draining, exhausting and limiting…

People tell me “I can’t stop thinking about x”— but you actually can!

Our minds are so powerful but we either allow them to control us or we control them…

You Choose Your Thoughts

So when you find yourself thinking about x (that you don’t want to think about), instantly choose another thought. Replace your thoughts with ones that help you not ones that keep you stuck… and remember that no one can do that for you except for you.

Just like when you’re driving your car and listening to the radio; what do you do if you don’t like the station?? You simply change it.

You don’t keep listening to that which you dislike. Believe it or not, it’s much easier to change your thoughts than to change the radio station!

We All Have Our Share Of Trials

Life is hard and we all have our share of trials… when you’re being tested you feel lonely and that no one knows what it’s like… but guess what?

Everyone knows pain… it may have a different name to your pain but it’s pain also…not more or less… because Allah is Just and He Gives everyone what they can contain… 

I have never met a person who doesn’t have a test or hasn’t been tested. Never… ever…this is how Dunia is meant to be… and the sooner we get this, the sooner we will make it less harder for ourselves.

Happiness is not here. Don’t try to make the Dunia your Jannah. It will always disappoint you.

But just because life is hard, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do hard things. We were created with the ability to do hard things if we *decide* to do so and take the necessary *action*.

This will make the hard less hard. It won’t make it disappear, but it will take it from a 10 out of 10 intensity; to a 5 or less… 

I often reflect on the stories of the pious who were severely ill or had massive physical wounds in battle and how with their change of thoughts and focus. they experienced the pain very differently… 

Make A Space In Your Mind

Our psychology affects our physiology and no this is not coockoo stuff. In the middle of pain (whether mental or physical) we are told to practice:

✔️ patience

 ✔️Husn Zann (which is literally change of thoughts to better ones)


If one is truly able to practice the above; not just say the above, everything will change! 

Practicing these can only be done if you make space in your mind for these to be done. You can’t be angry and grateful at the same time.

The two states don’t worry… so empty that which doesn’t serve you… and instead fill your mind and heart with what works and what’s powerful until it becomes your default state. It won’t happen overnight but you’ll get there inshaAllah.. 

You Deserve These Tools

You are deserving of these tools and you have access to them now. Everyone does because Allah is al Raheem, al Kareem, and al Qawi… you got HIM! And no one needs ANYONE but HIM.

Keep watching those thoughts. Kick out the nasty ones. Select thoughts that are uplifting and nurturing to you. 

Change the station in your mind, literally. You are strong and you can do this inshaAllah. 

Keep on keeping on !

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